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Shop for Heat Presses and Accessories

DuraFast offers quality heat presses in a number of sizes, shapes, and models. Heat presses are needed for businesses or individuals who do things such as garment decoration. There are dozens that you can choose from. First, however, you need to know which type of heat press is best suited for your needs.

Types of Heat Presses

Heat presses fall into four main categories: starter, intermediate, professional, and special.

Starter Heat Presses

Starter heat presses are small and highly affordable. We have starter heat presses priced as low as $300. These heat presses are easy to use and carry around. Starter heat presses are recommended for homes and very small businesses that don’t need to produce signs in high volumes.

Intermediate Heat Presses

Intermediate heat presses are moderately affordable and are highly versatile. They can handle low volumes as well as some high volume production. Intermediate heat presses are known to be reliable and durable. These are recommended for businesses that occasionally need to use one.

Professional Heat Presses

Professional heat presses are designed to produce high volumes at speedy rates. Pro heat presses are expensive, but the price is justified by the return in terms of production and durability. Professional heat presses are recommended for t-shirt businesses and other entities that will use these extensively.

Special Heat Presses

Specialty heat presses are highly versatile machines that can handle many of customized requests. Specialty machines are recommended for businesses in the garment industry that undertake custom-order requires.

Get the Right Accessories for Your Heat Press

If you have a heat press, you can improve its productivity and convenience with accessories such as an equipment cart, stands, plate covers, and other items. An accessory like a laser alignment system can make your heat press more precise. Our store has a number of heat press accessories that will greatly complement your machine.