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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro

2.00 LBS
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NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro (NLDPXX001S) Professional Barcode Design Software

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro offers more features than the Designer Express edition — and it is available for multiple users. If you’re looking for more advanced barcode and label design tools but don’t necessarily need the automation, control, or enterprise features offered in NiceLabel 2017’s PowerForms or LMS (Label Management System), take a look at NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro label maker software.

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro offers full database support beyond the basics of Excel and CSV connectivity. You can even connect to server databases (SQL) using Designer Pro. Where Designer Express offers basic serialization and dynamic data, Designer Pro offers but full serialization and full dynamic data.

Designer Pro is also more versatile in terms of licensing. You can get a single license to use the label maker software with unlimited printers or you can get unlimited users with a predetermined number of printers such as 3, 5, 10, or more printers in increments of 5.

Why NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro?

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro is a step up from the Designer Express label maker software edition, offering even more advanced features and tools. For example, if you need to design and print RFID labels, would like the ability to wrap text around objects and shapes, or want to access a large library of international standards compliance label templates, the Designer Pro version includes these and many more features.

Using barcode and label design software from NiceLabel allows you greater control over your barcode and label designs without making the process cumbersome or difficult. In fact, NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro’s graphical user interface will feel quite comfortable to most users. You’ll no longer need to rely on your IT team to create, edit, or print barcodes and labels. Instead, simply launch NiceLabel 2017 and load a predesigned template. Prefer to start from scratch? Even newcomers to the barcode software can quickly get up to speed and design their own professional, compliant barcodes in NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro.

NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro is built for both label and barcode design as well as printing. Operators will be interacting with your label and barcodes day in, day out. The built-in Print module helps to ensure that they can enter the correct data without modifying the underlying template. For example, the adaptable print form includes data entry fields where users can update the label prior to printing. This results in more accurate labels and fewer errors.

Download a Free 30-Day Trial of NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro Label Maker Software

NiceLabel 2016 Designer Pro is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that need to print professional barcodes and labels in house. This label making software is Windows based and works with more than 4,000 label printers. NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro is available with several licensing schemes including:

  • Designer Pro (NLDPXX001S) — 1 computer, unlimited printers
  • Designer Pro 3 Printers (NLDPXX003S) — Unlimited users; 3 printer license
  • Designer Pro 5 Printers (NLDPXX005S) — Unlimited users; 5 printer license
  • Designer Pro 10 Printers (NLDPXX010S) — Unlimited users; 10 printer license
  • Designer Pro 5-Printer Add-on (NLDPAD005S) — If you have more than 10 printers, you can buy licenses in batches of 5. If you need a higher volume, call our office.

Activate Your License via Electronic Delivery or CD?

If you choose to purchase the NiceLabel 2017 software, the default is via electronic delivery. We will send you a license key via email within two business days, and it saves you from any shipping fees.


However, if you’d prefer an installation CD for your label making software, we can send you one when you purchase the NiceLabel Retail box with CD / part number NLPCXXXXXX-CD.


Consider Ordering a Hardware Key

A hardware USB dongle key is available for NiceLabel label printing software and is handy for occasions where you tend to use multiple computers, but not simultaneous. This key allows you to use the computer it is installed in at that moment. If you need to move to a different computer, remove the USB dongle and insert it into the other computer. You’ll need to order the hardware key using part number NLPCXXXXXX.


Why Buy Service Maintenance Agreement with your NiceLabel 2017 Pro Software?

The optional software maintenance plan gives you free technical support and free upgrades to the latest release of NiceLabel Designer Pro software during its term. With the optional service maintenance agreement purchase, you will protect your investment by having the latest edition of the software with the newest features. The maintenance agreement is sold by the year. Add one of these maintenance agreements with your purchase.


1 Year Software Maintenance



3 Year Software Maintenance




To find out if NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro is the right choice for you, download a free, 30-day trial version.


Designer Pro (Single User, Unlimited Printers)


Designer Pro 3 Printers (Unlimited users, 3 Printer)


Designer Pro 5 Printers (Unlimited users, 5 printers)


Designer Pro 10 Printers (Unlimited Users, 10 printers)


Designer Pro 5 Printer Add-ON (Unlimited users, 5 printer add-on)