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NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite 5 Printers

2.00 LBS
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NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite 5 printers

DuraFast Label Company offers NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite with a 5-printer license (part# NLPSXX003S). This NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite 5-printer license allows an unlimited amount of users, but is restricted to five networked printers across the organization. Additional printer licenses are available for purchase in 5-printer packs, allowing for the ultimate in scalability as your organization grows.

The PowerForms Suite of NiceLabel 2017 includes NiceLabel 2017 Designer Pro label printing software as well as additional barcoding printing automation tools known as “Automation Easy.” Not only can you use the label printing software to easily design and print your own compliant barcodes and labels, the automation tools give you greater control over printing integrations — and there’s no need to get IT involved because there’s no coding whatsoever. Simply use the graphical integration builders and built-in actions to design your own workflows and business rules.

Structured, unstructured, binary, and XML text data processing are also supported by NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite.


What Does PowerForms Allow Me to Do?

PowerForms label printing software reduces manual printing while providing greater accuracy and control. The features of PowerForms, coupled with its on- demand print capabilities make it possible for your users to create custom label and barcode printing applications, reduce errors, and create efficient printing workflows and processes. With simplified printing processes powered by PowerForms, your end users do not need any special computer skills to print labels and barcodes. Thus, you can hire seasonal and non-skilled employees to print labels. Graphics on a touchscreen can replace text, eliminating the need for your new hires to undergo extensive training or have advanced keyboarding skills.

NiceLabel Automation Easy – Automation Types

NiceLabel Automation Easy, which is included with NiceLabel PowerForms Suite, allows you to create triggers which can be activated via the following methods:

  • File Trigger – Get data from the monitored file or group of files whenever the change in their timestamp occurs. For example, you can save a new file design in a specific directory and setup a trigger to automatically print it to a specific printer in your network.
  • Serial Port Trigger – Capture data received on a serial (RS232) port. For example, attach a weight scale to the serial port and put some goods on it. This trigger prints the label, automatically including the price based on the weight of the goods on the scale. This type of trigger is very popular in the food industry such as at deli counters where you need to get the weight and then print the applicable product label.
  • Database Trigger – Repeated check for a new or updated record in a configured database and then print the applicable label to the specified printer.
  • TCI/IP Server Trigger – Listen on the defined port number, capture the received data, and print the applicable label to a specified printer.

Electronic Delivery / CD Option

The default delivery choice for the NiceLabel 2107 PowerForms Suite 5-printer license is electronic delivery. We will email the license key to you within two business days upon purchase. An optional installation CD is available for purchase if you’d prefer the physical CD. Please order the Retail Box with CD at the same time you order the NiceLabel PowerForms Suite 5-Printer license.


Optional Software Maintenance Agreement

Make sure to order a software maintenance agreement, too. These agreements are available with different terms, such as one-year or three-year terms, and they entitle you to free software updates and free technical support throughout the term. Protect your NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite investment by ordering a software maintenance agreement.


1-year service maintenance agreement



3-year service maintenance agreement




PowerForms Desktop


PowerForms Runtime


PowerForms Suite 3 Printers


PowerForms Suite 5 Printers


PowerForms Suite 10 Printers


PowerForms Suite 5 Printer Add-ON

30-Day Free Trial Version

Try NiceLabel 2017 PowerForms Suite for 30 days free to make sure this is the right barcode design, printing, and automation software for your needs.