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Epson Spare In the Air Upgrade Warranty

Epson Spare in the Air Upgraded Warranty Program

Your Epson ColorWorks label printers are an important piece of the foundation of your business - that's why you should never have to worry about being without one. With the Epson Spare in the Air upgraded warranty, Epson will send you a replacement printer within 24 hours if yours ever needs warranty repairs.

Gaps No More
Under the standard Epson depot service warranty on the ColorWorks label printers, you are required to ship the printer to the nearest Epson service center for warranty repair. This can result in up to two weeks of downtime, when waiting for your repaired printer to be returned to you.  Shipping your printer takes time, and when you've come to depend on that printer for your day-to-day needs, that time can mean an interruption in workflow and a decrease in productivity. Rather than have you deal with that inconvenience, the Epson Spare in the Air program will ship out a replacement printer to you to use immediately if Epson customer service can't fix the problem over the phone.

Express Delivery
If you have any hardware issues with an Epson ColorWorks label printer and Epson customer service is unable to fix the problem over the phone, and you're under the Spare in the Air warranty, you'll be able to avoid breaking the day-to-day flow with a quick and easy transition process. Let Epson know what the issue is and they will send out a printer via Express Courier service for next-day delivery anywhere in the USA or Canada - at no cost to you. Then, place the defective printer in the same box and ship it back - again at absolutely no cost to you.

Simple Process
Fast, reliable service, convenience, and a sound peace of mind - that's what you'll receive with an Epson ColorWorks label printer covered under the Spare in the Air warranty, available through the DuraFast Label Company. We know that you want your business to run as smoothly as possible, and we're happy to help contribute to that process.

Available Now
Purchase Epson Spare in the Air when you buy your next Epson ColorWorks label printer from DuraFast Label Company and you'll be covered for up to three years from the purchase date. This way, you'll never have to worry about any slowdowns in your manufacturing or labeling process - you can always rest assured that the service you're purchasing will be one that you can use as continuously as possible. Minimize productivity gaps reliably, and do so with convenience and at no shipping cost to you - and enjoy your new printer worry-free.