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For a general estimation of ink cost we have done an analysis for each printers. Please click on below links for each printers ink cost analysis:

Ink Cost Analysis for Epson Printers Click Here

Ink Cost Analysis for Primera Printers Click Here

Ink Cost Analysis for Afinia Printers Click Here

Buy Ink Cartridges and Toners for Label Making Printers

Browse our wide selection of ink cartridges and toners for label making printers of all types. We offer only genuine products at reasonable rates.

Choose the Right Toner or Cartridge for Your Label Printer

Label printers differ in model, brand, type, and several other factors. The refill cartridge you buy should match the printer you have. Check the user’s manual for your label maker to know for sure what types of cartridges are best suited for your label printer. Our product descriptions will also indicate what types of printers the cartridge is suited for.

Pick the Cartridge by Type

Ink cartridges and toner types vary too. You can buy color ink cartridges that render a photograph-like quality to labels. You can also get magnetic ink cartridges well suited for retail labels that scanners can read. Magnetic ink makes labels like bar codes readable to certain electronic equipment. The ink cartridge you buy should match the capabilities of your label maker. Choose wisely to avoid overspending or under-spending on features.

Consider Printing Material

Are you printing a label on paper, laminate, or fabric? The material matters. Choose an ink cartridge or toner that can actually print on the material you choose. Carefully tread the descriptions for printer toners and cartridges to make sure it prints on the material of your choice.

Take Advantage of Extra Features

Some ink cartridges and toners have special features like resistance to fading, resistance to high temperatures, quick dry, or free from abrasions. You should look into extra features compatible with your printer to get the best for your money. Both businesses and homes can benefit immensely from these extra features ink cartridges and toners offer.

Original Products Only

When you shop for ink cartridges and toners from DuraFast, you can be assured that you are purchasing genuine and authentic products. All our cartridges and toners are completely new too.