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Primera LX400, LX500, and PX450 Ink Cartridges: Your Ultimate Printing Solution

Welcome to's diverse selection of ink cartridges specially designed for Primera LX400, LX500, LX500c, and the PX450 POS color printers.

Unleash Superior Label Printing Quality

The Primera LX400 label printer relies on a single, multi-color ink cartridge containing cyan, magenta, and yellow dye-based inks. Unique to this cartridge is an integrated printhead, ensuring that every time you replace your ink cartridge, you also renew your printhead. This feature guarantees the highest-quality labels from your LX400 printer. Please note, once any color runs out, the entire cartridge needs replacement. This Primera 53376 color ink cartridge is compatible with Primera LX800 and LX810 color label printers as well.

Maximizing Your Prints with Primera 53376 Ink Cartridge

The Primera LX500 uses a similar ink cartridge to the LX400, promising equivalent performance and output.

A common question from our customers is: "How many labels can I print with the Primera 53376 ink cartridge using my LX400 label printer?"

While the number of labels produced per cartridge varies based on label size and print quality, we have compiled data from three different label designs ranging from 40% to 95% ink coverage to provide an estimate. For instance, our coffee label design demonstrates that even minimal ink usage can yield vibrant, visually appealing labels.

Trust for your Primera LX400, LX500, and PX450 ink cartridges and experience consistent, high-quality label printing for every job.

We have compiled three different label designs with a table to show you the number of labels you can produce with each cartridge for various different label sizes and print quality. These designs represent 40% to 95% ink coverage.

The coffee label will show you that you can use very little ink to design great looking labels with vibrant colors.

wine label


   Wine labels produced by LX400 per ink cartridge

High Quality
4x2 = 306
4x3* = 208
4x4 = 158 
5x4 = 127
6x4 = 106

Medium Quality
4x2 = 404
4x3* = 274
4x4 = 208
5x4 = 167
6x4 = 141




sun screen label


 Sun screen labels produced by LX400 per ink cartridge

High Quality
2x4 = 444
3x4* = 308 
4x4 = 235
4x5 = 189
4x6 = 158

Medium Quality
2x4 = 808
3x4* = 564
4x4 = 433
4x5 = 352
4x6 = 296





coffee label


 Coffee labels produced by LX400 per ink cartridge

High Quality
4x2 = 328
4x3* = 224
4x4 = 169 
5x4 = 135
6x4 = 114

Medium Quality
4x2 = 564 
4x3* = 388 
4x4 = 294 
5x4 = 237 
6x4 = 199

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