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Label Rewinders & Unwinders

DuraFast Label Company carries a variety of label rewinders for color inkjet label printers and thermal label printers. Label rewinders are used to neatly rewind labels onto cores as they emerge from the label printer. Not only will a label rewinder protect your labels from damage and dirt as they are printed, the rewound label cores will be ready to be placed in your label dispenser or label applicator.


By adding a label rewinder to your color inkjet or thermal label printer, you can print larger print runs without having to have an operator constantly monitoring the print job. There’s no need to manually gather the labels because the label rewinder automatically rewinds the labels onto cores for easy storage or application.


In addition to a label rewinder, you may want to consider a label unwinder. Label unwinders sit behind the printer, unwinds the labels, and feeds them to the printer. By adding a label unwinder behind your color label printer or thermal label printer, you can purchase larger label rolls at a lower cost and not have to worry about changing rolls as frequently. With thermal label printers, purchasing large 8" OD label rolls on 3" cores can drastically reduce your label cost versus smaller rolls that fit the internal label unwinders built into the printers.


DuraFast Label Company carries label rewinders and unwinders for various label printers including Primera, Epson, VIPColor, Afinia Label, QuickLabel Kiaro, Swiftcolor and more. Browse the label different unwinders and rewinders below or contact a DuraFast Label Company sales consultant for assistance.