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SATO WS4 Series Printer Ribbons | SATO WS408 and WS412 Thermal Transfer Ribbons

The SATO WS4 thermal printer is a 4-inch desktop printer designed for efficiency and versatility. With options for 74 meter (243 feet) to 300 meter (984 feet) ribbons, Durafast Label Company offers solutions tailored to your business's printing volume needs.

SATO WS4 4-Inch Thermal Barcode Printers

The SATO WS4 Series represents the pinnacle of 4-inch desktop thermal printers, boasting exceptional print quality, affordability, and throughput. Whether you require 203dpi or 300dpi, the WS4 Series delivers with print speeds up to 6 inches per second (ips), ensuring your operations keep moving smoothly.

SATO WS4 Flexible Ribbon Capability

  • 300 meter / 984 feet ribbon capability
  • Use wound-in or wound-out ribbons
  • Adjustable I-mark sensor for precise printing
  • Versatile ribbon core sizes (0.5” or 1.0” ID) to accommodate different needs

SATO WS408 Ribbon

The SATO WS408 printer supports 74 meter ribbons for standard printing demands and 300 meter ribbons for higher volume needs, both ensuring quality and efficiency for your business operations.

SATO WS412 Ribbon

Similarly, the SATO WS412 accommodates both 74 meter and 300 meter ribbons on 1 inch cores, catering to varying business requirements and minimizing the need for frequent ribbon changes.

Why Choose SATO WS4 Ribbons?

Choosing the right ribbon for your SATO WS408 and WS412 printers depends on your print volume and material needs. Durafast offers a selection of ribbons suited for various applications:

74 Meter vs. 300 Meter Ribbons

For low-volume printing, the 74 meter ribbons provide a cost-effective solution without frequent changes. Conversely, the 300 meter ribbons are ideal for larger print volumes, offering efficiency and less downtime.

Media Compatibility

SATO WS4 Ribbons are versatile, capable of printing on a wide range of media including labels, receipts, tags, and wristbands, with specific ribbons like Wax, Wax/Resin, and Resin designed for different material types.

TDW121 Wax Ribbon

Use TDW121 for superior printability on standard paper thermal transfer labels. This premium wax ribbon enhances durability, resistance, and quality for abrasive applications.

TDM238 Wax/Resin Ribbon

TDM238 offers high durability for synthetic labels and chemicals, ensuring high heat and abrasion resistance, and solvent resistance for challenging environments.

TDR325 Resin Ribbon

For ultimate durability, TDR325 resin ribbons provide exceptional resistance to chemicals, temperature, and abrasion, perfect for outdoor and harsh conditions.

R510HF Ultra Durable Resin

R510HF, designed for extreme conditions, offers unmatched scratch and solvent resistance, ideal for outdoor labels, automotive applications, and more, ensuring durability in the harshest environments.

Explore SATO Ribbons at Durafast

Durafast Label Company is your one-stop shop for all SATO Ribbon needs. With a comprehensive selection of wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons, we support a wide array of industrial and medical applications. Enhance your labeling process with our SATO WS4 labels and tags, designed for performance and reliability.

Top Selling SATO WS4 Ribbons

SKU Ink Formulation Size (W X L) Rolls/Case Price/Roll
39160 Wax (TDW121) 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 12 $ 3.00
39147 Wax (TDW121) 4.33" x 984ft / 110mm x 300m 24 $ 6.60
39190 Wax/Resin 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 12 $ 4.00
39185 Wax/Resin 4.33" x 984ft / 110mm x 300m 24 15.60
39234 Resin (TDR325) 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 12 $ 6.00
39226 Reesin 4.33" x 984ft / 110mm x 300m 24 $ 21.80
30752 Resin (R510HF Ultra Durable) 4.33" x 243ft / 110mm x 74m 36 $ 12.25