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Weatherproof/UL Certified Labels

Weatherproof / UL-Certified Thermal Transfer Labels

Ribbon Required

The weatherproof / UL-certified labels listed below have passed UL 969 permanence of marking testing to permanently remain affixed to UL end-products. If your UL end-products must be labeled with safety information such as warnings or electrical ratings, you must use UL-certified labels to ensure that information is always present and remains affixed despite environmental conditions such as temperature, indoor and outdoor usage, or even the presence of cooking oil or chemicals.

Even if you are not subject to UL labeling requirements, you may want weatherproof labels for a variety of indoor/outdoor applications such as:

  • Resort labels
  • Horticulture labels
  • Garden center labels
  • PE / school equipment labels
  • RV and boat storage labels
  • Parks and recreation labels
  • Asset management labels





We have a large selection of glossy polyester weatherproof / UL-certified thermal transfer labels in various core sizes, OD sizes, and label sizes. These weatherproof labels are designed for use with thermal transfer printers (ribbon required).

Browse the weatherproof / UL-certified labels below or, if you need a specific size or shape, we can make custom labels for you. Request custom weatherproof labels.