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Barcode and Label Design Software: Which is the Right One for You?

NiceLabel, Seagull Scientific, Teklynx, and Tharo Systems Inc. are the leading developers that provide a variety of label and barcode design software to suit your needs. Whether you need to create high-quality product labels, basic barcodes, barcodes with variable data like lot numbers, interactive NFC labels, or RFID labels, there's something here for everyone.

Barcode Printing Software

DuraFast Label Company sells label design and barcode software from leading developers including Loftware NiceLabel, Seagull Scientific Bartender, Tharo EasyLabel, and TEKLYNX, allowing you to design and print professional-looking barcodes with ease. NiceLabel, Bartender, EasyLabel, and TEKLYNX barcode printing software support variable data and dozens of barcode formats. These applications are compatible with all of the leading label printers on the market and provide you with all of the tools (including a barcode generator) you need to design branded labels and barcodes.

Bartender Barcode Printing Software

Bartender is available in several editions (Starter, Professional, Automation and Enterprise) to best meet your needs. Each subsequent edition adds features to the starter software. In addition, Bartender is bundled with an application license and different numbers of printer licenses and maintenance terms, thus allowing you to choose the right product, at the right price, for your specific needs.

Which Bartender edition is right for you?

  • Starter Edition -- The Bartender Starter edition provides support for up to three printers for multiple users and is easy to use. It offers basic serialization and connects to Excel and CSV files for variable data.
  • Professional Edition -- Bartender Professional includes everything in Starter as well as advanced serialization, configurable data entry forms, Intelligent Templates, RFID encoding, Pantone color support, connectivity to Excel Online, SQL Server, and Quickbooks Online. Bartender Professional supports an unlimited number of printers.
  • Automation -- If you need automation, BarTender Automation offers everything in Starter and Professional as well as tools for integrating label and document printing with your business systems.
  • Enterprise -- For multi-site or regulated organizations, BarTender Enterprise provides robust label and barcode printing solutions above and beyond what's included in Automation.

Be sure to try a free trial version of Bartender label and design software today.

Loftware NiceLabel Label Design Software

Loftware NiceLabel label design software provides a variety of features, including support for over 40 languages and direct integration with common business applications like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. With Loftware NiceLabel, you can create professional-looking labels in just minutes: simply enter text or import.

NiceLabel recently merged with Loftware, a leader in the enterprise labeling space, forming the world's largest label design software company as a result.

Loftware NiceLabel software is available as desktop or cloud-based barcode software. Loftware NiceLabel also offers an enterprise label management system.

  • Designer Express -- Ideal for single site and smaller businesses with one user, Designer Express allows you to quickly design labels and barcodes with basic database connectivity to Microsoft Excel and text files. Single user with unlimited printers.
  • Designer Pro -- Designer Pro is best for smaller businesses with just a few users who need full database connectivity to SQL Server, Access, or similar. Single user or unlimited users with license quantities of 3, 5, or 10 printers.
  • PowerForms Suite -- PowerForms Suite is for small and mid-sized businesses where operators print labels. PowerForms Suite adds an application builder to create forms and simplify printing, avoid mistakes and boost productivity. It also integrates with existing business systems. Unlimited users with license quantities for 3, 5, or 10 printers.
  • Label Cloud -- Label Cloud offers an easy, cloud-based label design solution for businesses of all sizes. It is available in several editions (Label Cloud Essentials, Label Cloud Business, and Label Cloud Compliance).
  • Label Management System -- Designed for Enterprise customers, NiceLabel Label Management System offers label printing standardization on one platform that contains a label and barcode designer, application builder, document management system, web printing system, integrated printing system, a non-production environment, and a change and transport system. NiceLabel's Label Management System is scalable and can be used across locations and integrated with suppliers and manufacturers' systems.

Download a trial version of NiceLabel software here.

EasyLabel Software by Tharo

Billed as the easiest label and RFID design software, EasyLabel provides the tools you need to design and print labels quickly. EasyLabel comes in seven editions: Start, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Multi-user, Terminal Server, and Net Print Server.

  • EasyLabel Silver is the basic version, with a few features like time and date as field data, consecutive numbering text and barcodes, and support for color printing.
  • EasyLabel Gold is the first of the advanced versions offering additional features like ActiveX data objects, OLE DB-based database editor, and importing data from external sources and GS1 Bar Code Wizards.
  • EasyLabel Platinum is the second advanced version of EasyLabel software, adding features like an RFID wizard, tracking and reports, and support for Western Telematic Switch Boxes.
  • EasyLabel Multi-User, Terminal Server (runs on Windows Terminal Server), and Net Print Server (runs on a Web browser-based interface) are all advanced versions of EasyLabel with the same features of EasyLabel Platinum and network support / licensing.

Download a trial version of EasyLabel software here.

TEKLYNX Label Design Software

TEKLYNX offers three label design programs for simple, mid-level, and complex label design requirements as well as enterprise label management solutions.

  • TEKLYNX Label Matrix -- Label Matrix is the simplest version of TEKLYNX's label design solutions. It contains 100 barcode symbologies and offers tools and wizards for creating and editing label and barcode designs.
  • TEKLYNX LabelView -- TEKLYNX's LabelView is the mid-level version of their label design software. It adds a powerful form designer and smart interactive label design tools.
  • TEKLYNX CodeSoft -- The advanced version of TEKLYNX's label design software, this solution adds features like complex database integrations and RFID. CodeSoft serves as the entry point for enterprise solutions.
  • TEKLYNX Enterprise Label Management Solutions - TEKLYNX offers three enterprise labeling solutions: Sentinel (Integrate and Automate), Label Archive (Control and Traceability), and TEKLYNX Central (Centrally Manage).

Download a trial version of TEKLYNX software here.

With each of these companies offering complete families of label design and barcode software, it is important to determine the specific objectives of your company's labeling needs. If you need help, a DuraFast Label Company label design specialist can help you determine whether a basic, advanced, or enterprise solution best fits your label design and barcode software needs. From there, we recommend trying a free trial of the barcode generator edition that makes the most sense for your organization before you decide.