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TSC TTP-225 & TTP-323 2-Inch Thermal Ribbons

The TSC TTP-225 (200 dpi) and the TTP-323 (300 dpi) are 2-inch-wide desktop thermal transfer barcode label printers that are very popular in the warehouse, fulfilment, healthcare, retail, product and item labels, shipping and logistic, small labels and wristbands. They are the most popular printers for printing jewelry labels and oil change labels.

Depending on the label type (paper, vinyl, polypropylene, polyester) you will print with the TSC TTP-225/TTP-323 barcode label printer, you will need the appropriate ribbons. There are three different types of ribbons available as follows:

  • TTP-225 Wax Ribbon – this is the most popular ribbon and is used with all standard paper-based labels and some synthetic labels. The TDW121 is a premium Wax ribbon which is also Resin Enhanced for superior print quality and durability. Wax ribbons generally have no resin; however, resin enhanced ribbon have1% resin for improved durability.
  • TTP-225 Wax/Resin Ribbon – The TDM238 wax/resin ribbon is very popular where you are printing synthetic labels like polyester or polypropylene labels such as jewelry labels or oil change labels. The wax/resin ribbon has 50% resin, therefore provides much better durability against chemicals and harsh environment when compared to wax ribbons.
  • TTP-224 Resin Ribbon – The TDR325R resin ribbon is 100% resin, therefore the most durable ribbon available and provides the best durability against chemicals and harsh environment. This is also preferred in the jewelry labels when you need to continuously clean the label with alcohol due health safety.

Free sample ribbons are available for testing. Just email our sales department.

SKU Type Size (W x L) Rolls/Case Price/Roll
39161 Wax (Premium) 2.20" x 243 Feet 12  $     1.30
39191 Wax/Resin 2.20" x 243 Feet 12  $     2.20
39231 Resin 2.20" x 243 Feet 12  $     3.10