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Proper horticultural labels are important so everyone from farmers to customers understand what is in a particular product.Whether you are designing a small garden for your home, or are creating an intricate nursery filled with various vegetation, having the right horticultural labels in place is important. Durable labels need to be in place throughout the entire growing process. Everything from the fertilizer labels that farmers read to the sticker on a piece of fruit that customers see when they make a purchase need to be accurate and legible.

Horticultural labels must be weather-resistant and able to remain intact during wet and damp conditions. While confusing one plant seed from another might  not seem like a major issue, using an insect pesticide instead of fertilizer could be disastrous. That is why every company involved in food manufacturing or distribution must ensure that their horticultural labels are precise and able to withstand the elements.

What are the benefits of printing my own horticultural labels?

Using DuraFast horticultural labels will not only lower your company's overall printing costs, it will save you time. If any federal regulations change, it can take weeks for a third-party printing company to send updated labels. However, DuraFast Label Company will find the right printer that will help you adhere to any federal and local standards.

For example, an Epson GP-C831 printer can provide your business with the necessary tools to create strong horticultural labels that will not smudge or become illegible during transport. When this machine is used to print DuraFast industrial labels, it will allow you to print your own BS5609 certified and GHS compliant horticultural labels.

Why should I use DuraFast horticultural labels?

As we previously mentioned, it is a necessity for any fertilizer, pesticide or plant labels to be durable and accurate. With a machine like the Epson GP-C831 printer, your company can create custom labels that are weather-resistant and will not bleed, smudge or smear. There will not be any confusion over what is in a specific bag or container.

DuraFast horticultural labels will keep your company ahead of the competition and reassure customers that your products are up-to-date. Contact one of our label experts today to find the right machine for your horticultural label printing needs.