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Printing Your Own UID and Asset Labels with the Primera LP130 Laser Marking System

The Primera LP130 laser marking printer is an innovative new label printer from Primera Technology that uses a Coherent laser to create highly secure, laser-marked UID and asset labels. How secure? So secure and durable that you can print your own tamper-proof UID labels that comply with the U.S. Department of Defense's MIL-STD-130N regulation.

What are UID Labels?

Contractors supplying tangible items to the U.S. Department of Defense are subject to UID labeling requirements which require a "Unique Item Identifier" encoded into a barcode along with human readable data and label characteristics that allow for permanent adhesion to the item for its entire lifetime.

The Primera LP130 laser marking system easily handles these requirements. Unlike traditional laser marking systems which require extensive training in order to operate, the Primera LP130 laser marking system is as easy to use as a desktop printer. It all starts with label design software where you design the label and encode the barcode with the relevant information.

From there, simply load the laser marking system with durable film UID labels and run your print job. The Primera LP130 laser marking system uses a Coherent laser to "mark" the labels, not ink. Depending on the type of UID labels you are using, the laser will either ablate or phase change the material, resulting in a permanent, precise laser mark.

UID labels must be exceptionally durable and able to withstand a variety of harsh environmental and chemical conditions. UID labels printed on the Primera LP130 using approved label stock are able to withstand harsh conditions for five or more years including exposure to chemicals, sunlight, and blowing sand. In addition, special security features are revealed when someone attempts to remove or tamper with the UID labels.

What are Asset Labels?

Even if you are not a Department of Defense contractor subject to UID labeling requirements, the ability to print your own asset labels with the Primera LP130 laser marking system can enhance security. Asset labels are used to identify and track assets throughout the enterprise. The Primera LP130 laser marking system makes it possible to create asset labels on demand so that you can permanently affix laser marked, encoded asset labels to your computers, office furniture, tools, equipment, and other high value assets.

Since you can print asset labels on demand, your assets can be tagged and tracked as soon as you take possession of them. There's no need to order special metal tags from a third party and wait for them to arrive.

Like the UID labels, your asset labels printed on the Primera LP130 laser marking system are designed to withstand tampering and harsh conditions.

Uses for Asset Labels

Asset labels have many important uses, but are primarily meant for identifying and tracking enterprise assets.

  • Identification - Affixing a permanent, tamperproof "property of" asset label to expensive office equipment, electronics, or medical equipment serves as a deterrent to theft. Should your assets be stolen and later recovered, authorities will be able to identify your organization as the rightful owner thanks to your asset labels. Check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for a discount for using asset labels.
  • Tracking - Since you can encode asset information into the label's barcode, tracking becomes possible. For example, if you have hundreds of iPads that you allow employees to check out on an as-needed basis, use a barcode scanner as part of the checkout / checkin process to keep track of each asset. 

Printing Your Own UID and Asset Labels

DuraFast Label Company has everything you need to print your own UID labels and asset labels in house with a Primera Technology LP130 laser marking system including

  • Primera LP130 laser marking system
  • Primera LP130 UID label
  • Primera LP130 asset label
  • Primera LP130 air filtration system

Request Sample UID and Asset Labels

Wondering just how durable, tamper resistant, and tough our Primera LP130 labels and adhesives really are? Request a sample and we'll send some to you so you can test them for yourself.

Desktop laser marking has arrived, making it possible to create your own secure UID and asset labels quickly and easily. Contact us today to learn more.