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Citizen CL-S400DT Direct Thermal Label, Ticketing, Tag Barcode Printer | 203 DPI | 6 IPS

The Citizen CL-S400DT Direct Thermal Ticketing Barcode Label/Tag Printer is a powerful printing solution that is designed for high-volume printing tasks in various industries, including courier, retail, logistics, transport, betting, healthcare, and manufacturing. Here are its key features and benefits:

1. Paper width: The printer supports variable paper width from 0.8 inches (19.5 mm) to 4.6 inches (118 mm). This allows it to handle a wide range of label and tag sizes, making it suitable for various industries and applications.

2. Paper load: The printer's Hi-Lift™ all-metal mechanism ensures durability and reliability. The mechanism lifts the media up to 90 degrees, making it easy to load and preventing jams.

3. Printing speed: The CL-S400DT offers fast print speeds of up to 6 inches per second (150 mm per second). This makes it ideal for high-volume printing jobs, such as in warehouses or manufacturing plants.

4. Media support: The printer supports both fanfold media stacks and roll paper, providing versatility and flexibility. It can handle various media types, including plain paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, and cardboard tags.

5. Paper thickness: With a maximum paper thickness of 0.250mm, the CL-S400DT can handle thick media, such as cardstock and plastic cards.

6. Display: The printer features a 2-color LCD display that allows for intuitive operation. The display provides real-time status updates, and the user can easily navigate the printer's menu and settings.

7. Hi-Open™ case: The printer's Hi-Open™ case design allows for vertical opening, eliminating the need for extra space on the work station. The design also ensures safe closing, preventing damage to the printer.

8. Low space requirement: The printer's integrated power supply eliminates the need for a separate power brick, saving space on the work station.

9. Power switch: The printer's power switch is located in a recess at the front of the printer, making it easily accessible.

10. Energy: The CL-S400DT has an internal power supply, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

11. Media sensor: The printer's adjustable media sensor allows for precise positioning of the media, ensuring accurate printing. The black mark sensor and label gap sensor also enhance accuracy and efficiency.

12. Tear bar: The printer's standard tear bar allows for easy separation of perforated tags, reducing waste and improving productivity.

13. User-Friendly Design: The Citizen CL-S400DT has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use and maintain. It has a large, easy-to-read LCD display that provides information about the printer's status, as well as intuitive controls that allow users to adjust settings and operate the printer with ease.

14. Versatile Connectivity Options: The Citizen CL-S400DT can connect to a variety of devices and networks, including USB, serial, parallel, and Ethernet interfaces. This makes it easy to integrate the printer into existing systems and networks, and enables businesses to print from a range of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The Citizen CL-S400DT Direct Thermal Ticketing Barcode Label/Tag Printer is a reliable and versatile printer suitable for various applications. Its fast printing speed, versatile media support, and durable design make it ideal for high-volume printing jobs, while its compact size and intuitive operation make it suitable for small workstations.

Citizen CL-S400DT Printer Models Available

CL-S400DTU-R CL-S400, DT, 120V, SER & USB, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTE-R CL-S400, DT, 220V, SER & USB, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTETU-R CL-S400, DT, 120V, Enet, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTETE-R CL-S400, DT, 220V, Enet, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTU-R-CU CL-S400, DT, 120V, Cutter, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTPAU-R-CU CL-S400, DT, 120V, Cutter, PAR & USB, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTESU-R CL-S400, DT, 120V, SEH  Enet, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTETU-R-CU CL-S400, DT, 120V, Cutter, Enet, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTETE-R-CU CL-S400, DT, 220V, Cutter, Enet, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTWFU-R CL-S400, DT, 120V, WIFI 2.4GHz, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTESU-R-CU CL-S400, DT, 120V, Cutter, SEH Enet, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTWFXU-R-CU  CL-S400, DT, 120V, Cutter, WIFI 2.4GHz, XML, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTBTUBKR CL-S400, DT, 120V, BT, SER & USB, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTBTUR-PE CL-S400, DT, 120V, BT, SER & USB, Peeler, Roll Holder, BK
CL-S400DTBTUR-CU CL-S400, DT, 120V, BT, SER & USB, Cutter, Roll Holder, BK