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Toshiba TEC Thermal Transfer Ribbons

DuraFast Label Company manufactures thermal transfer ribbons for Toshiba TEC desktop and industrial thermal transfer printers. Whether you have a flathead or near edge printer, we have the ideal thermal transfer ribbon for your application and budget.

Toshiba TEC Flathead Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Our flathead Toshiba TEC thermal transfer ribbons are compatible with Toshiba TEC thermal transfer printers with the traditional flathead printhead design.

DuraFast Label Company is proud to offer the following Toshiba TEC compatible thermal transfer ribbons:

  • Wax Ribbons: Our wax thermal transfer ribbons are great for general purpose labeling applications where durability is not a primary concern. The most popular with standard paper based barcode labels.
  • Wax/Resin Ribbons: These ribbons offer increased durability and resistance to smudging, UV light, water, oils, and chemicals, making them ideal for more demanding applications.
  • Resin Ribbons: For the most durable labels possible, our resin ribbons are perfect.

Toshiba TEC Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons

DuraFast Label Company also manufactures a full line of thermal transfer near edge ribbons compatible with Toshiba TEC industrial near edge thermal transfer barcode printers. Near edge printheads require a different ribbon type in order to produce high-quality labels and use either wax-resin or resin ribbons only.

DuraFast Toshiba TEC near edge thermal transfer ribbons are available in large 300 or 600-meter rolls, making them perfect for high-volume printing. We have a large selection of Toshiba TEC near edge ribbons for TEC B-872 / B-SX8, B-EX4T1, B-EX6T1, SX4, 472, B-SX5, and 572 near edge printers in wax-resin and resin ink formulations.

All of our Toshiba TEC near edge ribbons are formulated for use with Toshiba TEC near edge printers and have a release layer to ensure a fast and smooth ink transfer. We recommend using Toshiba TEC near edge ribbons with DuraFast thermal transfer labels for optimal print quality and reliability.

Custom Toshiba TEC Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We can also make custom Toshiba Tech ribbons based on your needs upon request if you can’t find the exact ribbon you have in mind.

If you have any questions about which Toshiba TEC ribbon is right for your application, please contact one of our label experts at We will be happy to help you choose the right Toshiba TEC thermal transfer ribbon for your needs.