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Laser sheet labels that make your printer complete

Labels are not rocket science, and you don’t necessarily have to shell out for a high-tech printer to create them. Did you know your office laser printer can be used to print labels for your business? All you need is a functional machine and supplies to feed into it. DuraFast Label Company has a selection of laser-printable labels designed specifically for laser printers. They are die-cut on sheets and available in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from small 2-inch square labels to full-size 8.5 by 11.5-inch ones.

Simply load your laser printer with laser sheet labels, sync a relevant template, and print your creations. It’s as easy as printing an A4 meeting checklist.

Types and brands of laser labels

These labels come from leading printing companies and media manufacturers. They are made to seamlessly work with laser printing machines and have non-porous surfaces to prevent quality flaws in the end result. You can’t use porous media with laser printers, as the distribution of the powder requires an even surface. It must be laser-printable and heat-resistant so you can create labels of the highest grade.

For your printing processes and media requirements, you can choose from various laser label types and brands:

  • Office and industrial printer labels
  • Shipping and address labels
  • Avery, UniNet, OKI, iSys, NeuraLabel, and Primera items

When choosing by brand, you can explore blank and color laser printer labels for specific unit series or models. For example, if you use iSys Apex 1290 for labeling, be sure to escape the navigation hassles and buy iSys Apex 1290 labels directly.

Office vs. Industrial printer labels

Picking the right type of labels for the job is of paramount importance. Not only does this require taking a closer look at your laser printer’s specifications and compatibility, but you’ll also need to evaluate potential applications and determine the suitability of media for each situation.

For general-purpose print jobs – such as applying stickers on paperwork or small shipping containers – office labels are an excellent choice. They are easy to feed into a compatible printer and can serve as file-folder or laser address labels. You don’t need to overthink your media choice if you are looking for the best fit for documents, parcels, or letters circulated within your company or sent from your reception desk.

However, if your printed labels must withstand harsh handling, chemical exposure, outdoor/extreme weather conditions, UV light, and other demanding conditions, industrial-type media will work better. They are also recommended if you are looking to maintain your company’s flawless image and ward off non-compliance risks. For example, if your activities must be aligned with GHS, GHS BS5609 labels are more suitable than office ones.

Print your own or let us print them for you

Custom printing is now available with DuraFast Label Company. Browse the products listed below to select from matte or glossy labels for laser printers, or choose the custom printing option to have us create them for you.