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UniNet iColor 700 Labels

Elevate Your Labeling Experience with UniNet iColor 700 Labels

Premium Laser Pressure Sensitive Labels for iColor 700 and iSys Label Edge 850

Welcome to DuraFast Label Company, your trusted source for premium labeling solutions. Our UniNet iColor 700 Labels are specifically designed for the iColor 700 and iSys Label Edge 850 label press, offering outstanding print quality and versatility. Whether you need continuous label rolls or die-cut labels, we have you covered. Let's explore the features and benefits of our UniNet iColor 700 Labels.

Laser Pressure Sensitive Labels:

Crafted using top-of-the-line laser pressure-sensitive technology, our UniNet iColor 700 Labels adhere securely to various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and more. With excellent adhesion properties, your labels will stay in place, ensuring a professional look for your products.

Compatible with iColor 700 and iSys Label Edge 850:

Designed exclusively for the iColor 700 and iSys Label Edge 850 label press, our UniNet iColor 700 Labels offer seamless compatibility. These printers utilize the reliable OKI laser engine, ensuring precise and vibrant prints every time. Experience exceptional labeling that captures attention.

Continuous Label Rolls and Die-Cut Labels:

We offer both continuous label rolls and die-cut labels to cater to different labeling needs. Our continuous label rolls are perfect for large-scale applications, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted printing. Alternatively, our die-cut labels come in various shapes and sizes, providing a hassle-free solution for smaller batches or specialized labeling requirements.