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Proper GHS labels are especially important for companies that produce or transport hazardous materialsNo company wants to be fined for improper labeling. It is especially crucial for businesses that use various chemicals - anything from cleaning supplies to hazardous liquids - to have clear and accurate descriptions of what is inside a container. According to the United States' Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), chemicals are more than a $450 billion business in the U.S. and exports are greater than $80 billion per year.

With numbers like that, it is especially crucial for all products to be marked properly. Globally harmonized systems are a necessity for the production, transport, use and disposal of chemicals to be managed safely, which is why the GHS labels were created.

GHS stands for "Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals." This system ensures consistency in how chemicals are labeled around the world.

Printing your own GHS chemical drum labels requires an understanding of all applicable GHS standards and practices along with a labeling solution capable of creating durable and colorful large format labels. The biggest requirement for GHS labeling is the printing of the color coding warning symbol, which can take time to print and the standards could change. By opting for in-house printing with Epson ColorWorks printers, an organization can avoid the lengthy process of placing orders and waiting for the new labels to arrive. Customers will not fall behind on their product deliveries, which will keep them satisfied and returning to the company for more business.

Here at DuraFast Label Company, we understand what's involved in GHS labeling and are committed to helping you print your own durable GHS labels.

For example, flammable liquids, gases or solids must be accurately marked. Oxidizing liquids or even self-reactive substances could put employees or customers in danger if there do not have the necessary custom industrial labels.

DuraFast can help your organization pinpoint what needs to be marked with GHS labels, and even find the right Epson label printer. These machines are able to create durable and reliable labels for a variety of chemicals. Additionally, the materials are better for harsh environments, which is likely to happen with GHS materials.

Whether you need a capable GHS printer or durable GHS label stock, we can help. Talk to DuraFast Label Company to see how you can print your own GHS labels on demand, on-site today.