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neuralabellogo.jpgNeuraLabel Label Printers by NeuroLog

NeuraLabel Color Label Printers

NeuraLabel color label printers are affordable, high speed, high volume color label printers for on demand color label production. DuraFast Label Company sells several NeuraLabel models including a laser-based full color digital label press and a pigment inkjet-based GHS label printer. All of the NeuraLabel printers we sell offer ease of use, low cost of ownership, and exceptional image quality.

Inkjet vs. Toner Color Label Printers

NeuraLabel makes both inkjet- and toner-based color label printers — so what’s the difference? Inkjet-based printers use liquid inks and printheads that spray droplets of ink onto the label. Toner-based printers use a laser and a drum unit that melts dry toner onto the label with heat.

Traditionally, color inkjets tend to have a lower upfront cost and higher operational costs but superior color prints than laser printers. Since they don’t use heat, they also work with a wider range of materials as melting synthetic labels and adhesives is not an issue as it can be with some laser printers. LED laser printers, like the NeuraLabel 600e, operate at lower temperatures than traditional laser printers and are able to use some synthetic label materials. As far as print speeds go, laser printers have had an advantage over inkjet label printers for years, but as you’ll see with the NeuraLabel 300x, that’s not necessarily the case anymore.

Inkjet color label printers use either dye or pigment inks. Dye-based inks are generally used to print “prime” product labels because they produce vivid colors while pigment inks, such as those used in the NeuraLabel 300x, are used to print industrial and GHS chemical labels as the inks are more muted and extremely durable.

With innovations to both inkjet and laser print technologies, the advantages of one over another each are becoming less clear cut, making it smart to look at the different NeuraLabel models to see which is best for your particular application.

-   NeuraLabel 300x — The NeuraLabel 300x is a color inkjet label press that uses water-resistant pigment inks to produce durable food labels, medical device labels, GHS chemical BS5609 labels, cleaning supply labels, cosmetics labels, pharmaceutical labels, and more at a print resolution of up to 2400 dpi. It has an HP page-wide printhead and prints full color, high resolution labels at a speed of 100 feet per minute. The NeuraLabel 300x prints labels ranging from 1.5 to 8.5 inches in width.

-   NeuraLabel 300x ST — The NeuraLabel 300x ST features the NeuraLabel 300x digital label printer along with an external label unwinder and rewinder. With its “Straight Through” printing path, the NeuraLabel 300x ST is a digital label press that prints from roll to roll. Both the unwinder and rewinder hold large label rolls measuring up to 11 inches in diameter.

-   NeuraLabel 600e — Using single pass, 4-color LED laser technology, the Neuralabel 600e is a toner-based color label printer that prints labels at a speed of 30 feet per minute. This digital label press is fast indeed and prints on a variety of media types including self-adhesive labels, die-cut, tag stock, and approved film/synthetics. Like the NeuraLabel 300x, the NeuraLabel 600e is a fast, versatile digital label printer that can produce GHS BS5609 chemical labels.

Want to see the print quality before you buy a NeuraLabel color label printer? Request free NeuraLabel label samples and we’ll be happy to send them to you.