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Honeywell barcode label printers

From desktop models to devices made for demanding environments, Honeywell’s reliability has made its printers the gold standard. Honeywell thermal label printers can last through the toughest jobs, and your employees will never lament their construction or performance. The brand’s products also have industry-specific features like disinfectant-ready housings that allow you to use them in controlled environments.

Whether you are looking to invest in an RFID, linerless, or Wi-Fi-enabled direct thermal printer, Honeywell has a model ready to join your team.

Comparing printers for barcodes: Honeywell is the yardstick in barcode printing

While other brands may come and go, Honeywell has been producing world-class units for decades. Its devices are considered ahead of time for thermal printing when compared with their counterparts for robustness, performance, and simplicity of use. If you want a printer that will empower your operations for years without a hitch, Honeywell is the name you need to know.

High-performance PC series

The PC series is the brand’s crown jewel. Like athletes on a treadmill, these Honeywell barcode printers spare no effort to produce labels. They are designed to:

  • Withstand the punishing conditions of warehouses and shipping centers
  • Be instantly connected to all types of peripherals
  • Integrate with your inventory management and shipping software

You will not even have to invest in professional training to help your employees get the hang of the PC series. Using these printers is a piece of cake.

Extras for different applications

Label printers from Honeywell may have several extras to be customized for various applications:

  • Adapters and cables that allow for connections with industrial equipment
  • Optional label-cutting modules

These will help you get the perfect printing unit for your business without spending money on more printers.

What should you get?

Is your business related to healthcare? Are you looking for an all-in-one Honeywell label printer that can facilitate your processes and increase efficiency across the board? Let us provide you with some recommendations, as rated by users:

  • The PC45D 300 dpi model punches above its class. Although compact, it has a generous media roll capacity and prints at a higher resolution than other PC45D versions. 
  • Don’t miss out on the PC45D for healthcare if you need a helper for staff management or labeling medical substances. This unit will fit right in on a nursing station or admin desk.

Payment plans and delivery

Is your budget limited? We have good news. At DuraFast Label Company, you can rely on monthly payment plans for all barcode printers from Honeywell. This way, you can get the necessary equipment without draining your wallet. We have also integrated Credit Key payments to lower the limitations businesses often face when purchasing new printers.

When you need a printer ASAP, waiting isn’t an option. That’s why we ship all Honeywell barcode printers within a day of ordering.

Your shopping experience is 100% safe with DuraFast Label Company. And your printing experience couldn’t be safer with Honeywell. Invest in a brand that dominates the industry!