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FP-230 Flexible Packaging Inkjet Printer: Your All-In-One Solution for On-Demand Packaging Printing

Step into the future of flexible packaging printing with the FP-230 Flexible Packaging Inkjet Printer. Designed for optimal convenience and efficiency, the FP-230 transforms the production of packaging rolls, combining high-speed printing, lamination, and cutting in one compact device. Ideal for small to medium runs and designs with high variability, the FP-230 unlocks limitless possibilities for in-house, on-demand packaging creation.

Revolutionizing Packaging Roll Production

Compact yet mighty, the FP-230 offers exceptional print quality with a 1600dpi resolution at a production speed of up to 18m/minute. The machine's user-friendly variable data feature facilitates effortless customization. Built for food packaging safety, the FP-230 uses EU and FDA food-compliant, water-based inks, offering peace of mind for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Premium Digital Inkjet Printing

Empowered by the L901 Plus printer, the FP-230 delivers vibrant, full-color prints on rolls up to 230mm wide. The optional Northstar RIP easily handles variable data and color matching. Coupled with in-line cold lamination and precise trimming via two rotary knives, your packaging roll comes out perfectly finished, every time.

High-Quality Sihl ARTYSIO Packaging Films

The FP-230 is optimized for use with Sihl's ARTYSIO range of high-performance packaging films. These films offer robust barriers and excellent sealing properties, making them ideal for various product applications, including cosmetics, supplements, pharmaceuticals, liquids, and food.

Embrace Sustainability with Reduced Waste

Experience "just-in-time" roll production with the FP-230, eliminating the need for stockpiling pre-printed rolls. This printer reduces plastic waste, consuming just 3m of film for job setup. Sihl's ARTYSIO PP films enhance sustainability, being independently certified as "made for recycling."

Transforming Packaging Printing

The FP-230 Flexible Packaging Inkjet Printer ushers in a new era of in-house packaging production. It's not just a printing solution; it's a game-changer for businesses seeking swift, affordable, and simple on-demand flexible packaging printing. With the FP-230, your flexible packaging production is now in your hands, offering unmatched control over your supply chain. Experience the future of printing with the FP-230.