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LX1000 Labels, LX2000 Labels | Tailored GHS Labels For Primera LX1000 and LX2000 Label Printers

As industry leaders, DuraFast Label Company takes pride in crafting an extensive range of Primera LX2000 labels, including: LX2000 matte paper labels, LX2000 high gloss paper labels, LX2000 glossy clear labels, LX2000 glossy polypropylene labels, LX2000 matte polypropylene labels, and LX2000 chemical labels (GHS BS5609-certified for resilient applications in harsh environments, chemical exposure and outdoor use).

Exclusively Crafted for Primera LX2000

All our Primera LX2000 labels are explicitly formulated for the Primera LX2000 label printer, ensuring complete compatibility with its pigment-based ink cartridges. Every LX2000 label purchased from us is guaranteed to perform flawlessly with the Primera LX2000 color label printer.

From High Quality Materials to Unmatched Labels

Our manufacturing process begins with procuring premium label materials from reputable US-based suppliers. These are then transformed into impeccable Primera LX2000 labels at DuraFast’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in the USA and Canada. Being the manufacturer of LX2000 labels, we also offer customized label solutions (rolls or fan-folded in a carton) tailor-made for your LX2000.

Experience Optimal Print Quality with Our Labels

Formulated specifically for Primera’s LX2000 pigment-based inks, our LX2000 labels yield the best print quality and outcomes when paired with Primera LX2000 pigment ink cartridges. Browse our selection of LX2000 labels below. For any specific requirements, feel free to request custom-made LX2000 labels.

Highly Durable LX2000 Chemical Labels

Our LX2000 chemical labels, GHS BS5609-certified, are designed for extreme durability, and are not suitable for use with the Primera LX900 or LX810. These robust labels are exclusively designed for the LX2000 label printer, perfect for enduring the most demanding conditions. Explore our Primera LX2000 Chemical Labels today, designed for superior resilience and longevity.