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CAB 300m Ribbons | Thermal Transfer Ribbons for MACH1 and MACH2 Desktop Printers

CAB MACH1 & MACH2 Thermal Transfer Ribbons

CAB goes above and beyond simply offering technological answers to its clients. We collaborate with our clients to share the best practices we've observed over the years for overall productivity.

Our main goal is to assist you in choosing the proper CAB thermal transfer ribbon for your CAB MACH1 desktop barcode printer or the CAB MACH2 desktop barcode label printers so that your CAB 300m thermal transfer ribbons will meet the standards for quality and longevity necessary for the task at hand.

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Thermal Ribbon Specifications

CAB 300-meter MACH1/MACH2 Thermal Transfer Ribbons have the following specifications:

  • Ribbon Ink Side > Inside
  • Ribbon length > 300m / 984 ft
  • Ribbon width > 25mm to 114m / 1” to 4.4”
  • Core size > 25.4 mm / 1”

The CAB Mach1 and Mach2 desktop thermal printers can use label rolls with 24.4mm/1” core and a maximum roll diameter of 127mm/5”. All our Thermal Transfer Labels with 1” cores (roll size is 1" core / 4" OD or 1" core / 5" OD) can be printed with the CAB Mach1/MAch2 thermal label printers..

There are three basic types of thermal ribbons available for most thermal transfer printers: standard wax ribbons, wax-resin ribbons, and full-resin ribbons.

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Standard Wax Ribbon

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Wax Ribbon Characteristics

  • Thermal transfer paper labels most ribbon used.
  • Recommend uncoated or coated paper labels and tags.
  • less costly, but also less durable then wax-resin and resin.
  • Good for warehouse, retail, shelf, bin, and shipment labels.
  • Ribbon formulation: 100 % Wax, 0% Resin

The complete wax ribbon is the most popular variety of thermal transfer ribbons. On uncoated/coated paper labels, wax thermal transfer ribbons are usually advised. Full wax ribbons offer a less long-lasting print than their alternatives, but they are also significantly less costly.

An ink made of wax is applied to a thermal transfer label that is fully waxed. The wax-based ink is melted and transferred to the surface of the thermal transfer labels by the heat from the printer's print head during printing, creating the intended printed area.

CAB Standard wax ribbons, which are perfect for materials based on paper, require a lower melting temperature than their peers. Shipping, shelf and bin, store, and warehouse labels are a few uses for full wax ribbons that work well.

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Wax-Resin Ribbon

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Wax-Resin Ribbon Characteristics

  • more resilient printed region compared to full wax.
  • more resilient to harsh chemicals, weather changes, and handling.
  • Ideal for thermal transfer labels, both regular and waterproof.
  • Excellent for shelf labels, shipment, and prescription pharmaceuticals.
  • Ribbon formulation: 50% Wax, 50% Resin

Wax-resin ribbons are very popular because of their significantly more durable printed area, despite being less expensive than complete resin ribbons.

A hybrid ink made of wax and resin is melted and transferred onto the surface of the labels during the printing process, which is quite similar to the complete wax printing process. A sharp, clear picture that is much more resistant to rough treatment, chemicals, and temperature changes will be printed on the surface.

Wax-resin ribbons must melt at a temperature that is between that of complete wax and full resin ribbons. Wax-resin ribbons are perfect for a variety of paper stock types, including coated, glossy paper stock, synthetic waterproof label materials, and plain paper stock. With our thermal transfer products, wax-resin thermal ribbons have undergone thorough testing and will produce an image of very high quality. Bar code labels, shipment labels, pharmaceutical and prescription labels, and shelf and bin labels are a few uses for wax-resin ribbons that work well.

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Resin Ribbon

CAB Mach1/Mach2 Resin Ribbon Characteristics

  • Most costly ribbon variety.
  • For use with synthetic, non-paper materials.
  • Most resilient ribbon variety.
  • Extremely durable for outdoor applications, chemicals and harsh environments
  • Ribbon formulation: 0 % Wax, 100% Resin

Thermal bands made entirely of resin will cost significantly more than those made entirely of wax or wax resin. This kind of ribbon will have the most significant durability of any MACH1 ribbons or MACH2 ribbons and is typically used with synthetic, non-paper label stocks.

Even when printing on our Weatherproof Thermal Transfer material, pure resin ribbons can be reasonably viewed as overkill given their price. Pure resin ribbons are a good option for labeling extremely delicate medical uses and chemicals because of the exceptional durability they offer. They should be avoided for other uses in favor of the more affordable alternatives mentioned above.

Want more assistance making labels? Hundreds of warehouse operations from a variety of sectors have sought our advice. Contact DuraFast Label Company and talk to one of our CAB ribbon specialists for help!

Mach1 and Mach2 Desktop Ribbon Pricing is per Roll

SKU Type Size (W x L) Rolls/Case Price/Roll
39299 Wax (Premium) 4.33" x 984 Ft 24  $        6.90
39300 Resin 4.33" x 984 Ft 24  $      23.00
39276 Wax (Premium) 6.14" x 984 Ft 12  $      10.30