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Epson LabelWorks PX Industrial Label Printers

Explore the robust range of Epson LabelWorks PX Industrial Label Printers, offered by Durafast Label Company. These printers are designed for everything from heavy-duty industrial applications to everyday organizational tasks.

Epson LabelWorks Label Printers and Supplies Make Labeling Easier

The Ideal Companion for Every Job - Epson LabelWorks printers provide efficient solutions for a multitude of labeling needs:

  • Cable/Wire ID
  • Self-Lam/Wire Wrap
  • Network Install
  • Asset ID/Management
  • Parts Bins
  • Bar Codes/QR Codes
  • Fuse Boxes/Circuit Breakers
  • HVAC Controls
  • Schematics
  • Prototype ID
  • Pipe Markers
  • Tool/Parts Cribs
  • Specimen Labeling
  • Test Tubes
  • Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • Quality Control Regulations
  • Safety (OSHA/ANSI)
  • Valves
  • Piping/Tubing
  • Control Panels
  • Gym Lockers
  • Library Shelves & Books
  • Office Common Areas/Breakrooms

Epson LabelWorks Tapes Available

Optimize your labeling with a diverse range of tapes, including:

  • Heat Shrink tube
  • Magnetic tape
  • Standard industrial polyester tape
  • Strong adhesive polyester tape
  • Removable adhesive tape
  • Silver matte polyester tape
  • Vinyl self-laminating overwrap
  • Fluorescent polyester tape
  • Vinyl tape
  • Extra-tough nylon tape

Epson LabelWorks Printers Lifetime Warranty

Experience peace of mind with every purchase, as each Epson LabelWorks printer includes a lifetime warranty with no-questions-asked coverage.

Featured Epson LabelWorks Printers

Epson LW-Z5010PX Label Printer with Keyboard

The LW-Z5010PX is equipped to handle labels from 1/6" (4 mm) to 2" (50 mm), perfect for large labeling tasks. Price: $760.00 for a 2-inch printer.

Epson LW-Z5000PX Label Printer

Like the Z5010PX, the LW-Z5000PX supports all available label sizes and is ideal for bulk labeling operations. Price: $580.00 for a 2-inch printer.

Epson LW-PX900 Label Printer

Offering connectivity options and hot keys for automated labeling, the LW-PX900 is a 1 ½” (36mm) printer priced at $319.00.

Other Epson LabelWorks Models

  • LW-PX800 - A versatile 1 ½” (36mm) printer, perfect for medium to large-scale labeling jobs. Price: $399.
  • LW-PX750 - Offers great functionality with a print width of 1” (24mm), suitable for various applications. Price: $249.
  • LW-PX700 - Compact and cost-effective, with a print width of 1” (24mm) for essential labeling needs. Price: $129.
  • LW-PX400 - An entry-level, efficient label printer with a print width of 1” (24mm), ideal for small-scale projects. Price: $185.
  • LW-PX350 - This model offers easy handling and lightweight features with a ¾” (18mm) print width. Price: $139.
  • LW-PX300 - The most affordable option, suitable for basic labeling tasks with a ¾” (18 mm) print width. Price: $59.

Choose from the comprehensive line of Epson LabelWorks Printers available at Durafast Label Company to meet all your professional and personal labeling demands.