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Zebra barcode printers – Print the way you’ve always wanted

Have you ever set up a barcode printer just to encounter poor readability, snail-paced printing speed, or defective parts? You are not alone. But there’s a name that enables you to come through everything: Zebra. Zebra barcode label printers turn reliability and user-friendliness into the tangible results you can experience every day – without misfiring setups and subpar barcodes.

Zebra is an American brand that has been perfecting the art of thermal printing since 1969. Its printers are born from the idea that printing should be intuitive, predictable, quick, and cost-effective. That’s how Zebra has come up with units that never fail and are trusted by businesses throughout the US.

The best of Zebra thermal label printers

If you’re determined to print with Zebra, there’s no better place to start than DuraFast Label Company. Our selection represents the brand’s genuine lineups and includes its top-selling printers at a fraction of the cost. More specifically, we are here to help you significantly save on Zebra’s:

  • Industrial printers. Make sure your printer is a priceless addition to your team. Zebra industrial label printers tackle high-volume runs in a single go, produce wide-format labels, and have reinforced elements to operate in any industrial environment.
  • Desktop printers. Get a powerful, versatile printing machine that doesn’t weigh tons. It’s your best option if you want to use a printer without having to zoom around it ten times per day. Let it handle any task, even if you are up for RFID encoding.
  • Mobile printers. The easiest to operate and carry, these units are the king of compactness. They feature ultra-lasting batteries and can be paired with any operating system to generate barcodes for instant application.
  • Print engines. These are the most indestructible setups among Zebra thermal transfer label printers and direct thermal models. Its print engines are like the engines of a tank, meaning they can print in the harshest conditions and guarantee impressive throughput.

Printer types aside, you can browse this range by the size of the barcodes you’re about to create. Zebra has many models for 2-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, and even ultra-wide 8-inch applications. 8-inch units – like the 220Xi4 8" – are traditionally the most coveted machines in the transportation, fulfillment, and distribution sectors.

Essentials to keep your Zebra running

It takes more than just a multifunctional Zebra printer for barcodes to maintain a favorable throughput rate and improve your print-and-apply processes. At DuraFast Label Company, we can help you ensure that for any unit designed by the brand. Feel free to check out our collection for:

  • Printing accessories
  • Repair parts
  • Software solutions

Perform maintenance, upgrades, and software updates without hiring a technician or sending your Zebra barcode printer for time-consuming service. Whether it’s about contamination removal or replacing a faulty component, we have the necessary items to nip printing delays in the bud.

For extra peace of mind, you can buy Zebra barcode label printers with extended warranties that cover the brand’s best series.