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Browse High-Quality Label Applicators

DuraFast offers a top-notch range of label applicators for businesses and individual users in any industry. Our label applicators can handle various labels shapes and sizes intended for all manner of products or packages.

High-Speed Label Applicators

You can buy high-speed label applicators from DuraFast. You can save time when applying labels onto products and enjoy a speedier line of delivery. We have a highly desirable selection of fully automatic label applicators. These can apply pressure at speeds as high as to 6,000 linear inches of label web per minute. Many products have the option to adjust speed as desired depending on the application.

Advanced Technology

Worried whether the label applicator you buy can handle specific labeling requirements of your business? We have label applicators made with advanced technology that make the application process not just fast but precise and error-free as well. You can buy label makers with the latest servo-motor or stepper-motor technology. Specifications such as peel-tip sensing are also available. Go ahead and browse our selection to find out about all features on offer.

Different Methods of Application

Your requirements for a label applicator may differ depending on the type of material the label is applied to. Do you need a gentle or a no contact applicator? We offer wipe-on, tamp-blow, and air blow label applicators to suit any type of need on your part.

Impressive Precision

Placement precision is a major concern when it comes to buying a label applicator. The products we sell are known to have high rates of placement accuracy that you can rely on for any job.

Easy Maintenance

Worry no more about costly and prolonged maintenance requirements when you buy a label applicator from DuraFast. Our modern label applicators are surprisingly easy to maintain and have long durability records.