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Sihl ARTYSIO Flexible Packaging Films

Sihl ARTYSIO Flexible Packaging Films: Innovative and Functional Packaging Solutions for Digital Inkjet Printing

Sihl ARTYSIO flexible packaging films are the next generation of flexible packaging films designed for digital inkjet printing solutions. Unlike traditional rigid plastics, Sihl ARTYSIO is a highly elastic material that is used in form, fill, seal machines to create flexible packaging. When used with a digital printing press such as the Afinia FP-230 flexible packaging press, the film gives businesses the ability to create new designs in house and save on production costs by using less material.

Offering a balance of aesthetics and performance, ARTYSIO films allow you to stand out from the competition with eye-catching graphics while ensuring that your product is safe from damage caused by light or moisture.

Sihl collaborated with printing manufacturers to develop ARTYSIO films, resulting in a high quality, sustainable plastic-based material optimized for digital inkjet printing.

  • ARTYSIO films are an affordable, eco-friendly way to package products without the need to store pre-printed packaging.
  • ARTYSIO films can be used for anything from small product batches to private label products and large production runs.
  • Sihl's revolutionary line of packaging materials is perfect for those looking to take their brand in a new direction or reduce costs.
  • Independently certified as "made for recycling."

DuraFast Label Company is proud to sell Sihl ARTYSIO films. The product line includes foil-structure films with white exteriors and white interiors as well as white exteriors with metallic interiors. PET and polypropylene films are available. All of the ARTYSIO films we carry feature flex crack resistance, AQ inkjet printability for dye and pigment inks, heat and ultrasonic sealability, and either VFFS or HFFS packing machinability. These films are made for direct food contact and meet FDA and EU regulations for food compliance.

Sihl ARTYSIO films are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Frozen food packaging
  • Meat and cheese packaging
  • Snack food packaging
  • Drink boxes and pouches
  • Chocolate and confectionery packaging
  • Nut packaging
  • Coffee and tea packaging
  • Herbs and spices packaging
  • Dry pet food packaging
  • Detergent packaging
  • Cereal packaging
  • Cosmetics packaging
  • Nutraceutical packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
    • ARTYSIO 5402 NW P&P PET DH HFFS 65 W — With its 65g weight and white/white coloring, 5402 is a PET-based laminated film for horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) machines. Common use cases for 5402 include cereals, tea, candies, and chocolates.
    • ARTYSIO 5403 NW P&P PET DH VFFS 65 W — Similar to 5402, ARTYSIO 5403 is designed for use with vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machines. In addition to packaging cereals, tea, candies, and chocolates, 5403 can be used for detergent packaging.
    • ARTYSIO 5404 NW P&P PETMET DH VFFS 65 W — 5404 is a 65g white PET-based film with a metallic barrier designed to protect the freshness, aroma, and appearance of products such as tea, nuts, herbs and spices, dry pet food, and detergents. Use ARTYSIO 5404 with VFFS machines.
    • ARTYSIO 5413 NW P&P PP DM VFFS 94 W — Featuring a 95g weight and white/white polypropylene film, 5413 offers even stronger flex crack resistance than 5402, 5403, and 5404 films. It is used with VFFS machines and is suitable for packaging cereals, confectionery and chocolates, teas, and detergents.
    • ARTYSIO 5443 NW P&P PET TH VFFS 118 W — 5443 has a 113g weight, white interior, and a metallicized interior. It is a PET-based film used in VFFS machines. Common applications include coffee, dry pet food, and other free-flowing products that require a high water vapor and oxygen barrier to protect the product's freshness, aroma, and appearance.

Which ARTYSIO Films are Right for Your Product?

ARTYSIO films are optimized for the Afinia FP-230 and are available in various sizes. Check out our selection below.

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