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Citizen CMP-20II 2-inch Wide Mobile Barcode Printers | Thermal Printers

  • 203 dpi print resolution
  • 2-Inch wide printing mobile receipt
  • 3-inches per second print speed
  • Holds 2-inch diameter label rolls
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz Wireless LAN

Citizen CMP-20II Mobile Barcode Printers

The Citizen CMP-20II is a reliable and versatile mobile printer that features direct thermal print technology. This 2-inch mobile printer is compact, lightweight, and has user-friendly features such as drop-in paper loading, paper-out indicators, and simple feed paths that eliminate the risk of jamming. It also comes with an integral tear bar that allows easy tear-off of printed papers. Additionally, Citizen CMP-20II's fast operation and accurate printing make it an excellent option for those who need to print 2-inch-wide receipts quickly and efficiently.

Citizen CMP-20II Mobile Barcode Printers Specifications

Citizen CMP-20II Compatibility

The CMP-20II has broad compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, and iOS. This attribute allows the printer to be easily integrated into different systems and applications, making it an adaptable mobile printing solution.

Furthermore, the Citizen CMP-20II mobile barcode printer has the capability to emulate various languages or protocols, including ESC/POS, CPCL, and Zebra ZPL2. This means this 2-inch mobile printer can understand and interpret the commands and languages used by different software or applications, making it compatible with various systems and devices.

Citizen CMP-20II  Connectivity

The CMP-20II mobile barcode printer offers a range of connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. This feature enables users to print wirelessly from various devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, without additional cables. Wireless connectivity provides users with convenience, flexibility, and mobility, making the CMP-20II an excellent option for people who work remotely.

Citizen CMP-20II  High Speed Printing

The CMP-20II has a print speed of 80 mm/s (3 inches per second), making it an ideal choice for businesses that require fast and efficient printing. This feature is handy for companies that regularly print large volumes of receipts, invoices, and labels.

Citizen CMP-20II Size and Weight

The CMP-20II is compact, measuring 96 x 136 x 58 mm, and weighs 0.42 kg. These specifications make it a lightweight, portable printer that can be easily carried around for on-the-go printing needs. Despite its small size, the mobile printer can still accommodate a maximum roll size of 1.88 inches in diameter. These attributes offer a good balance between portability and functionality.

Citizen CMP-20II  Print Resolution

A printer's print resolution determines the level of detail and clarity of the images and texts it produces. The CMP-20II has a resolution of 203 dots per inch (dpi). This printer produces high-quality prints with clear graphics and sharp text, making it ideal for printing receipts, labels, and other documents that require good detail.

Citizen CMP-20II  Power Features

The CMP-20II mobile barcode printer is powered by a 7.4V lithium-ion battery with a capacity rating of 1800 mAh. It also has other power options, including a standard clip-in battery, a car adapter option, additional batteries, and an external charger. These options provide users with flexibility when it comes to powering the printer, ensuring that it can be used for extended periods.

Citizen CMP-20II  Applications


CMP-20II's fast printing speed and compatibility with different operating systems make it a convenient choice for ticket agencies. This printer can produce a wide range of documents, including event tickets, boarding passes, and parking receipts.


CMP-20II's compact size and wireless connectivity features make it an ideal choice for use at checkout counters. This 2-inch mobile printer can be used to print receipts, invoices, and barcodes.

Law Enforcement

The CMP-20II can be utilized in printing tickets and citations on the spot. Its portable design and ruggedness also make it suitable for officers who patrol the streets with patrol cars.


The Citizen CMP-20II can be used to print shipping labels and delivery receipts. This printer's wireless connectivity and compatibility with various operating systems make it ideal for transit couriers because they would be able to print documents while moving.


Medical practitioners can use the CMP-20II to produce patient wristbands, specimen labels, medication labels, and prescriptions. This printer's compact size and wireless connectivity make it possible for nurses to print documents at the patient's bedside.

The Citizen CMP-25L Rugged

The Citizen CMP-25L is an alternative mobile barcode printer built to withstand challenging working conditions. This 2-inch mobile printer is designed to be robust and durable, having undergone drop tests of up to 1.8 meters. This makes it suitable for use in rugged mobile printing environments. The Citizen CMP-25L rugged also has a long battery life. After being fully charged, it can last for as long as 48 hours without being charged.

The CMP-20II and the CMP-25L are excellent choices for professionals who need a reliable, versatile, and easy-to-use mobile barcode printer. With their high-speed printing capabilities, multiple connectivity options, and rugged design, they can help businesses to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Citizen CMP-20II 2 Inch Mobile Printer Models Available

CMP-20IIUZ Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, CMP-20 Type II - SER & USB, ZPL II*
CMP-20IIUC Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, CMP-20 Type II - SER & USB, ESC/POS* & CPCL*
CMP-20IIBTIUZ Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, CMP-20 Type II - SER & USB, std & iOS BT, ZPL II*
CMP-20IIBTIUC Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, CMP-20 Type II - SER & USB, std & iOS BT, ESC/POS* & CPCL*
CMP-20IIWFUZ Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, CMP-20 Type II - SER & USB, WiFi 2.4GHz,  ZPL II*
CMP-20IIWFUC Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, CMP-20 Type II - SER & USB, WiFi 2.4GHz, ESC/POS* & CPCL*