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Selecting Blank Name Badges for Your Name Badge Printer

We manufacture blank name badges for all of the leading brands of name badge printers, optimizing each line of name badge media for the specific inks and technologies used by the name badge printer. For example, if you are using the Primera LX500 as your name badge printer, our LX400 badges and tags are engineered specifically for Primera Technology’s inkjet print engine and dye-based color inks used in the LX500.

In general, name badges do not have an adhesive backing. They are typically worn using a lanyard or clip. This type of name badge uses tag stock which does not have adhesive on the back.

If you prefer to print stick-on name tags, you will need to order label stock rather than tags. The badge stock listed below as tag stock does not include an adhesive backing. Any stating “label” in the name will have adhesive on the back, therefore can be used asd a sticker.

Color Inkjet Name Badges

We offer several types of color inkjet name badges, each of which are designed and optimized for specific color inkjet name badge printers such as the Epson TM-C3400, TM-C3500 and Primera LX400, LX500 and LX900 color name badge printers. For best results, choose the color inkjet name badge stock engineered for your color name badge printer.

Direct Thermal Name Badges

We also carry blank thermal name badges for use with Seiko SLP 620, Seiko SLP 650, Toshiba B-FV4D direct thermal printers, and other direct thermal printers. These direct thermal printers will print black graphics and text on the white direct thermal name badges.

Expiring Name Badges

Expiring name badges include a unique feature. 24 hours after printing, these name badges will reveal a bright red “VOID” across the badge. This instantly renders the name badge useless and prevents visitors from attempting to re-enter your facility or event without going through the proper channels. Likewise, they will not be able to sell or give away their badges to others.

There are two types of expiring name badges: color and thermal. The color expiring name badges are designed to be printed with dye-based color inkjet printers like the Primera LX400, LX500, LX900, and other dye-based inkjet printers.

The thermal expiring name badges are intended for use with direct thermal name badge printers like the Seiko SLP 620, Seiko SLP 650, Toshiba B-FV4D, and other direct thermal printers.

Custom Name Badges and Tags Available

If you can’t find the exact size, shape, or properties you need for your name badges, DuraFast Label Company can make custom name badges and tags upon request. Simply request custom name badges and we will be happy to help.

Browse the name badges and tags listed below: