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Memjet Label Printers

How important is label-making to your business? If you consistently require high-quality, full-color labels, you could be wasting considerable time and money bargaining with third party printers, un​aware that in-house label-printing is even on the table. 

Memjet has long been a pioneer in inkjet technology, spearheading innovations that have led to the incredible print speeds that businesses prize so highly. This enables maximum efficiency for label-printing projects of all scope and scale.

The power behind Memjet technology

When you invest in a label printer powered by Memjet, you can take advantage of the following hardware

Production class print engine:

The production-class label printheads from Memjet can tackle pre-die cut labels, retail tags, pressure-sensitive labels, narrow web-packaging and more, providing consistent and continuous print. The specifications include:

  • Controller chip featuring high-speed print pipeline
  • Five 250ml CMYKK ink tanks
  • Maximum print speed of 32 inches per second 
  • "Waterfall" color printhead technology that shoots millions of drops of ink per second

Benchtop print engine:

The benchtop print engine from Memjet provides the following benefits for your in-house label printing needs:

  • Accurate color registration
  • Maximum print speed of 12 inches per second in standard print mode at 1600 x 800 dpi
  • Maximum print speed of 6 inches per second in premium-quality mode at 1600 x 1600 dpi

Label printers powered by Memjet

With the Afinia L801 Color Label Printer powered by Memjet, you can harness this ground-breaking technology within your organization. This incredible device boasts the following specifications:

  • Cut label roll available in many different label substrates
  • Detection capabilities - Gap, continuous, black mark
  • Five large ink tanks so that you can run large print jobs
  • Full-color labels at 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution for crisp, clear images

Stop hassling with third-party printers and start creating vibrant, full-color labels in house with Memjet label printers from DuraFast Label Company.