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Print, store, and trace data with RFID labels

RFID tags are now a must-have in retail, logistics, healthcare, and dozens of other industries shaped by traceability and increased control. They can help businesses observe local regulations requiring the marking of products and equipment. But to print these tags, you need a special printer and, most importantly, RFID-printable labels that can store product-related information on a tiny piece of paper.

At DuraFast Label Company, you can select blank RFID tags based on the printing method, read range, and memory capacity. Start printing the very next day if you order from North America.

Inkjet and thermal RFID labels for sale

The application of RFID tags is an important step in ensuring your supply processes go smoothly and do not violate laws. To keep your labels readable for as long as needed, choose top-notch blank pieces that preserve descriptions, serial numbers, and other vital information over time.

That’s the kind of tags you can find at DuraFast Label Company. Our radio frequency identification labels are suitable for large-scale and continuous printing. You can get them:

  • Ready for scanning. These tags have a hidden microchip and can be attached to your products or equipment for tracking and identification. Just embed data into the chip, and you’re all set.
  • In various sizes. There are small RFID stickers within the 1-2" range and larger options like these inkjet RFID labels. They are available in rolls of up to 4,500 pieces with perforations.
  • Compatible with RFID printers. Our labels are optimized for various printing machines (inkjet and thermal-based), each with an embedded RFID inlay.

Your roll will arrive with a pre-set chip ready to be encoded or filled with data during a simple process.

Where can you apply RFID tags and labels?

Since these tags are packed with a microchip and an antenna, they can automatically identify objects and information related to their sourcing, transportation, or compliance. The compact size of the media makes them incredibly handy across many industries, including:

  • Retail. If you own a store, you can use empty RFID stickers to embed them with supply chain information and prevent theft attempts. They’re like a security and data system in one.
  • Healthcare. These stickers carry no health risks at touch points and can be used for automatic pharmaceutical and patient tracking, making manual records a thing of the past.
  • Logistics. By referring to the chip, you can keep an eye on shipping methods, identify transportation vehicles, and manage your items at a warehouse or when they are en route.
  • Manufacturing. Tasks like product quality control or equipment tracking become possible thanks to RFID chip stickers. They can empower you to transform your business according to Industry 4.0 standards.

Whether you are directly or indirectly involved in these sectors, purchase high-quality media for your prints. Our labels and stickers have been tested for easy-to-read and long-lasting qualities so that you can use them confidently. Stock up on empty tags or encoded RFID labels for specific applications!