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Printronix Enterprise Barcode Label Printers

Built by TSC for the enterprise market, Printronix enterprise barcode printers integrate with mission-critical systems and are built for the demands of high volume production environments.

Printronix Enterprise Barcode Printers

Designed for the most demanding, high-volume applications, Printronix enterprise printers are available in 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch widths and are compatible with SOTI Connect remote printer management. A notable printer in the enterprise category is the T6000e Series 4-Inch Enterprise Industrial ODV-2D barcode printer, which not only prints barcodes but verifies and validates them. If a barcode is unreadable, the barcode printer rejects it and prints a new one -- without operator intervention. The TE6000e 4-inch enterprise barcode printer is ideal for compliance, warehousing, and shipping applications.

Current enterprise barcode printers from Printronix include:

  • Printronix T800 Series Enterprise Desktop Printers: The Printronix T820 and Printronix T830 are both desktop models featuring PrintNet Enterprise and SOTI Connect (license required). These are 4-inch, high-performance enterprise printers with a compact size.
  • Printronix T4000 Series Enterprise Industrial Printers: When print speed and print quality are required, the 4-inch T6204e, T6304e, and T6604e are rugged, high-performance printers PrintNet Enterprise and SOTI Connect (license required), heavy-duty cutters, and color LCD displays.
  • Printronix T6000e Series Enterprise Industrial Printers: T6000e printers are extremely versatile and available in 4-inch (T6204e, T6304e, T6604e) and 6-inch (T6206e and T6306e) models. This series can reach speeds of up to 14 ips.
  • Printronix T8000 Series Enterprise Industrial Printers: The T8000 series is another high-performance series of enterprise barcode printers from Printronix. 6-inch models include the T8206 and T8306 printers while 8-inch models include the T8208 and T8308 printers. Printronix T8000 enterprise printers are 24/7/365 printers with unrivaled performance and ease of use.

Printronix RFID Barcode Printers

Printronix RFID enterprise barcode printers are designed for printing and encoding durable RFID labels. These units use RFID labels and tags with embedded radio frequency antennas that can be encoded with information directly from the printer. Printronix RFID barcode printers are commonly used in warehousing, manufacturing, and shipping and logistics environments. Printronix's line of RFID label printers includes an enterprise 4-inch desktop unit and several 4- and 6-inch industrial units with rugged designs and higher label capacity:

  • Printronix T800 RFID Printers: The Printronix T820 RFID and T830 RFID are part of the 4-inch T800 series, but offer RFID capabilities.
  • Printronix T4000 RFID Printers: These models include the T4204 RFID and T4304 RFID 4-inch enterprise industrial printers. These RFID printers offer are more affordable than traditional mid-range RFID printers and are loaded with industrial printer features.
  • Printronix T6000e RFID Printers: Available in 4-inch (T6204e RFID, T6304e RFID, and T6604e RFID) and 6-inch (T6206e RFID and T6306e RFID) models, Printronix T6000e RFID printers can print and encode paper and metal RFID tags.

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