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DuraFast Label Company can help your business find the right label printer for creating in-house wine labels. When customers are trying to choose between two Pinot Grigios, they often rely on the wine labels to help them make a final decision. Even though nutritional issues might not always be the most significant factor in these instances, having legible and accurate information is crucial for every wine bottle.

According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), American wine labels must clearly identify several things, including but not limited to:

  • A wine's origin
  • The brand name
  • Alcohol content
  • A declaration of sulfites
  • Class or type of wine
  • Vintage labeling.

No wine producer or manufacturer wants to fall behind on these standards, or be fined for mislabeled bottles or falsely represented products.

How can I print my own wine labels?

Investing in your own color label printer to produce wine labels in-house will save your company money and time. Should federal or local requirements change, you do not have to wait for a third-party printer to send you back new wine labels.

With a VIPColor VP485 color label printer, for example, your business can create unlimited labels that are durable enough to withstand transportation and being stored in various environments. DuraFast Label Company uses durable, water-resistant label stock, which ensures that your wine labels will not have smudged wording, pictures or barcodes.

Why use DuraFast wine labels?

By using a color label printer, like the VIPColor VP485, your business will have the ability to design custom labels that adhere to all standards. DuraFast Label Company is here to help you remain on top of consumer demand while still being able to produce beautiful, eye-catching wine labels. 

Contact one of our label experts today to find the right color label printer for your wine label needs.