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Zebra Wristband Printers | ZD510-HC and HC100 Printers

Welcome to DuraFast Label Company's US showcase for Zebra's innovative wristband printer - the ZD510-HC. This cutting-edge printer elevates the performance and precision of wristband printing, offering an ideal solution for industries like healthcare and hospitality that require exceptional quality and speed.

ZD510-HC - Redefining Wristband Printing Standards

Zebra's ZD510-HC wristband printer transcends the achievements of its predecessor, the HC100, by integrating an array of enhancements designed to optimize your wristband printing operations.

Streamlined Operation with Enhanced Utility

With the introduction of Link-OS®, Zebra offers a smart ensemble of applications, utilities, and developer tools. These simplify the initial setup of the printer, and make ongoing management and monitoring more efficient. To ensure smooth transition, the ZD510-HC remains compatible with the HC100's cartridge-based media loading system.

Impressive Print Quality and Speed

The ZD510-HC utilizes Direct Thermal printing technology, delivering stunning 300 dpi resolution. It produces high-quality, easily readable wristbands at a speed of up to 4ips when using Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash wristbands, and 2ips for all other Z-Band wristbands.

Extensive Connectivity Options

The ZD510-HC comes with a comprehensive set of connectivity options including standard Ethernet, USB, USB Host, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). An optional upgrade provides Wireless 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, enabling simultaneous wired and wireless operations for maximum adaptability.

Convenient User-friendly Features

Zebra's unique Print Touch™ (NFC) feature facilitates effortless pairing with mobile devices, granting instant access to essential information. The printer also includes a Real Time Clock (RTC), crucial for real-time applications where precise time tracking is essential.

Specifically Engineered for Healthcare

Enclosed in a healthcare-grade wipeable, UV resistant plastic casing, the ZD510-HC is perfectly suited for the challenging healthcare environment. Its power supply complies with the medical grade IEC 60601-1:1995 standard, ensuring it meets the strict safety requirements of healthcare settings.

Discover the blend of speed, precision, and convenience that Zebra’s ZD510-HC wristband printer offers. Brought to you by DuraFast Label Company USA, let us guide you to a new era of wristband printing efficiency. Reach out to our experienced team for more details or to place an order. Let's transform your wristband printing experience together.

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