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Digital Label Press for Sale

A digital label press is a high speed label printer that prints on continuous label rolls. The continuous label media is run through the label press where the image is printed and then rolled onto a core in a process known as “roll to roll” printing. Once printed, the printed roll of labels can then be placed onto a digital finishing system to die cut the labels and rewind them onto a core. Other finishing options, such as matrix removal, lamination, and roll slitting, can also be handled by many digital label finishing systems.

Inkjet Digital Label Presses

We carry both dye-based and pigment-based inkjet digital label presses.

Afinia L801 Memjet Dye Inkjet Digital Label Press

The Afinia L801 is a Memjet-powered digital label press. Memjet inkjet label presses are among the fastest available thanks to the page-wide Memjet print head. This print head allows for printing full color, 1600 dpi labels in a single pass at 60 feet per minute.

The Afinia L801 Memjet label press is popular when you want the vibrant colors of dye-based inks and a fast speed, or when you want to print on glossy or matte polypropylene label substrates that cannot be printed with toner-based printers (the polypropylene film would melt due to the heat produced by the laser and LED toner based printers). The Afinia L801 can print label media from 2 inches to 8.5 inches wide from a variety of materials. The Afinia L801 comes with a built-in unwinder. An optional rewinder must be purchased to use it as a digital press, since you will need to print roll to roll. The L801 also has a 1.25-liter ink capacity, resulting in fewer disruptions for ink changes and a low overall cost of ownership.

Afinia DLP-2000 Mini Press

The Afinia DLP-2000 is the only digital label press that prints in-line with the finishing system. The labels are printed at 30 feet per minute at 1600 x 1600 dpi using the Afinia L801 Memjet-technology label press. As they emerge from the press they move through the finishing system which takes care of laminating, die cutting, removing the waste matrix, slitting, and rewinding the finished labels – all in a single process. All other solutions require two steps where you print at a fast speed and then put the printed label roll onto the finishing system which works at a slower speed. The Afinia DLP-2000 is ideal for applications where you need to produce a large number of labels per month.


NeuraLabel 300x Pigment Inkjet Label Press by NeuraLog

The NeuraLabel 300x is manufactured by NeuraLog. This high speed inkjet digital label press uses pigment-based inks to produce GHS BS5609 compliant labels. It uses HP PageWide advanced print head technology to produce durable, high resolution (2400 dpi), full color labels. The NeuraLabel 300x can print at an impressive speed of up to 20 inches per second. The 300x is a popular choice for making GHS BS5609 chemical labels, when combined with the Scorpio digital finishing system.

Laser Label Presses

Another type of digital label press is the color laser press such as the Primera CX1200. Laser-powered using a Lexmark print-engine, this digital label press uses toner and Lexmark laser technology to quickly produce full color labels. Just as traditional office laser printers offer speed and crisp image quality, the same is true of laser label presses.

Primera CX1200 Digital Laser Label Press

With a print speed of 16.25 feet per minute, the Primera CX1200 laser label press is ideal for high volume, full color label printing. The print resolution offered by the Primera CX1200 is an astounding 2400 dpi. The CX1200 digital laser label press uses only 8.5” wide continuous label rolls. The Primera CX1200 can also print GHS / BS5609 chemical labels when using DuraFast BS5609-certified chemical label stock. This digital label press accepts 12-inch OD (outside diameter) rolls and can be paired with the Primera FX1200 digital label finishing system for the ultimate in control, performance, and finishing options.

If you’re looking for speed, versatility, and exceptional quality, you can’t go wrong by choosing the Primera CX1200.

iSys Label and UniNet iColor LED / Laser Label Presses

iSys Label and UniNet laser label presses use LED laser technology developed by OKI Data and are notable for their speed (twice as fast as the Primera CX1200), capacity, and versatility. In fact, iSys Label is the leading laser label press in the world. These LED laser label presses are the most popular worldwide for several important reasons:

  • 30 feet per second print speed
  • 1200 dpi full color label printing
  • Use variable width media from 3 inches to 8.5 inches or 12.9 inches wide
  • Lowest consumable costs; low total cost of ownership
  • Large capacity
  • Variable data printing
  • White toner options

For example, the iSys Apex 1290 accepts media widths of 3 inches to 12.9 inches wide (as does the UniNet iColor 900) and rolls as large as 12 inches in diameter. With the optional variable data printing software, this digital label press can include variable data such as serial and lot numbers. The white toner option, which is also available with the iSys Edge 850 and both of the UniNet iColor digital label presses, allows you to print white graphics and text on black or clear media.

iSys Label and UniNet iColor LED laser label presses accept a wide variety of substrates including synthetic labels like vinyl and polyester, GHS BS5609 chemical labels, and matte and high gloss paper labels.


Digital Finishing System – The Perfect Companion for Your Label Press

Digital label presses, whether inkjet-based or laser, and digital label finishing systems go hand-in-hand. By pairing your label press with a digital label finishing system such as the Primera FX1200 digital label finishing system or the DPR Scorpio Plus digital label finishing system, you can increase your label capacity by using larger and wider continuous label rolls and then digitally cut, laminate, slit, and rewind your labels onto individual cores. All of the digital label finishing systems we sell can be used with any of the different digital label presses – either inkjet or laser.

Find Out More about Digital Inkjet and Laser Label Presses

DuraFast Label Company carries all of the leading brands of digital inkjet label presses and laser presses. Our knowledgeable sales team is happy to answer any questions you may have, demonstrate the label printers for you, and send you sample labels. Contact us today to learn more.