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Ensure Workplace Safety with Pipe Marking Labels

Durafast Label Company is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for creating safety labels and pipe markers, ensuring your workplace remains safe, compliant, and efficient. Featuring advanced label printers like the Brother TD 4750TNWBCS, we empower you to generate all required safety labels in-house.

Featured Printer: Brother TD 4750TNWBCS

The Brother TD 4750TNWBCS is a standout safety label printer offering Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity, enabling high-resolution printing of facility and safety labels, including pipe markings, GHS labels, and more. Its features include:

  • 300dpi printing for clear, durable labels.
  • An integrated cutter for quick application.
  • Easy setup with drop-in design and broad software compatibility.
  • A comprehensive two-year Premier Limited Warranty backed by lifetime support.

On-Demand Safety Labeling Solutions

With on-demand labeling solutions from Durafast, creating safety signage becomes straightforward and efficient. Our solutions include:

  • Easy-to-use software for designing compliance signs.
  • Durable labels and ribbons for long-lasting results.

Pipe Marking Excellence

Create compliant pipe markers effortlessly with our printers, utilizing software that guides you through the selection of correct fonts, sizes, and colors.

OSHA-Compliant Signs

Our labeling solutions make it simple to produce OSHA-compliant signs, helping you inform workers of potential hazards with ease.

Secondary GHS Labeling

Keep up with secondary GHS labeling requirements to ensure workplace safety, using our printers to design and print compliant labels on-demand.

Arc Flash Hazard Labels

Effectively communicate electric arc flash hazards with our range of label printers, supporting the creation of clear, informative labels.

Expand Your Labeling Capabilities

Our printers, including the Brother TD-4750TNWBCS and K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL, support a wide range of safety and facility labeling needs, from pipe marking to general safety signage.

K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL Label Printer

For versatile labeling across various applications, the K-Sun PEARLabel 400iXL Label Printer offers exceptional quality and durability for safety and compliance labels.

Your Complete Source for Safety Label Supplies

Durafast Label Company offers a full suite of supplies, including blank rolls and thermal transfer ribbons, to ensure you have everything needed to produce high-quality safety and compliance labels.