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Healthcare organizations need legible and up to date hospital labels so they can properly care for patients. As the healthcare industry works toward keeping compliant with all federal standards, the need for accurate hospital labels has become more pertinent. There are many pieces of medical equipment that require a description: medication, tools and even varies devices in a facility. If just one label is false or incomplete, it could be harmful to the patient and bring fines to the organization in question.

Companies that are involved in manufacturing or distributing goods for hospitals should invest in a color label printer so they can create their own hospital labels and remain in line with changes as they are instituted.

Why do I want to print my own hospital labels?

By printing your own hospital labels, you will be saving your business time and money. The U.S. government can make adjustments in its healthcare requirements at any moment, and hospitals must adhere to those changes. Thus, any company that manufactures and distributes hospital labels must also keep compliant.

Third-party printers will take time to receive the new order and then create new hospital labels. But when your company has an Epson TM-C3500 color label printer, you can design graphics, barcodes, photos, illustrations and text all in a short period of time.

Keeping patients safe with DuraFast hospital labels

Even with so much information available through EMRs, medical staff must still be sure that the medication they give to patients is the right one. Along with recommended dosages, doctors and nurses must understand if those under their care have any allergies to a particular drug. When all data is printed clearly on hospital labels, it is much easier to keep patients protected.

DuraFast hospital labels can be designed for whatever a healthcare organization needs, whether it is prescription labels or medical device labels. With accurate information printed at the right price, companies can keep themselves compliant with federal requirements and keep clients satisfied.

Contact one of our label experts today to find a software and label printer solution that can satisfy your hospital label needs.