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Epson GP-C831 Ink Cartridges

Are you looking for a way to create large format (label printable areas up to 8" x 22") or chemical labels for the convenience of your own business? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all hazardous chemicals to be labeled properly. Labels must include the common name of the chemical, the contact information of the company responsible for the product and an appropriate hazard warning. However, containers are often difficult to label because of their size and shape. The Epson GP-C831 printer, equipped with Epson CKYM pigment ink cartridges, allows you to easily print chemical labels in color to fit a range of containers.

Unlike dye-based inks, Epson's world-renowned durable pigment-based inks  firmly bind to media fibers, delivering outstanding stability and resistance to  chemicals, water, fading and smudges. And the ColorWorks GP-C831 label printer, with its  durable inks, is certified to print on BS5609 1 approved labels, in addition to  a wide variety of continuous paper and  labels. To get BS5609 certified labels, you must use the DuraFast Chemical Labels with the Epson GP-C831 label printer.

The printer includes high-quality features such as:

• Industrial-strength inkjet printer with tractor feeder
• Reliability up to 1.2 million labels
• Fast print speeds of up to 16.5 images per minute
• Printable area up to 8.0" x 22"

The printer supports a wide range of media types and is the only inkjet solution that has been BS5609 certified when used with DuraFast Chemical Labels. Other label media available for the Epson GP-C831 are that work great with the Epson GP-C831 pigment ink cartridges are:

• Epson GP-C831 Matte Labels (paper based)
• Epson GP-C831 High Gloss Labels (paper based label)
• Epson GP-C831 Matte Polypropylene Labels
• Epson GP-C831 Chemical Labels (BS5609 labels and outdoor application labels)
• Epson GP-C831 Tags

When operating your printer, be sure to use Epson GP-C831 ink cartridges to ensure the highest quality labels, which are also smudge-proof. The color options include:

• Epson GJIC5 (C) Cyan ink cartridge for GP-C831 printer - C13S020564, GJIC5(C)
• Epson GJIC5 (M) Magenta ink cartridge for GP-C831 printer - C13S020565, GJIC5(M)
• Epson GJIC5 (Y) Yellow ink cartridge for GP-C831 printer - C13S020566 GJIC5(Y)
• Epson GJIC5 (K) Black ink cartridge for GP-C831 printer - C13S020563, GJIC5(K)

Why outsource your printing needs when you can successfully print labels from your own office and save time and money? Contact DuraFast Label Company today to find out how to include Epson GP-C831 ink cartridges in your business.