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Epson Color Label Printers

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epson-colorworks-c6000-and-c6500-color-label-printers.pngIncrease productivity, eliminate label waste and significantly reduce the cost of label operations using Epson's ColorWorks™ inkjet printers with Just in Time Color™ labeling. They feature compact footprints, industry-leading reliability, waterproof inks, colorfast and support a wide variety of media types and sizes.

Just in Time Color™ Solutions from Epson

Now you can increase productivity and eliminate the costs and waste associated with pre-printed labels with Epson's ColorWorks™ featuring Just in Time Color™ labeling solutions. Ideal for high mix label requirements, ColorWorks™ solutions feature commercial inkjet printers with fast-drying, durable color inks and qualified media. And with Just in Time Color™ printing, you can produce as many labels as you need, when you need them. Already Epson's ColorWorks™ solutions are delivering proven results for a wide range of labeling applications from packaging and manufacturing to logistics, retail and more.

Color Inkjet Printing Technology

Epson is known worldwide for its advanced printing technologies, the high reliability of its products and its innovative solutions designed to address common problems while delivering significant cost savings. Epson's ColorWorks™ inkjet printers and DURABrite® inks are no exception. In addition, Epson is working closely with media partners to ensure the development of media that provides the best solution for different applications.

Vibrant colors can make any design pop, whether it's corporate stationery or product labels. Too often, though, what should be a striking logo or image is marred by a shoddy printing job. Because of this, you need to know that you have complete control over every aspect of your labels, from initial conception to the final print out, so you can respond to hiccups as necessary and provide maximum flexibility to handle any job.

With Epson's line of ColorWorks™ Label Printers, organizations can fulfill orders of any size with minimal cost and maximum control. If you consistently have to print out clear, quality labels at a high volume, there is simply no need to turn to a third party when hardware like the Epson ColorWorks™ C3400 Inkjet Label Printer, the Epson ColorWorks™ C3500 Inkjet Label Printer and more enable you to tackle this task in-house quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of Epson ColorWorks™ Label Printers

When you invest in an Epson ColorWorks™ Label Printer for your organization, you reap the benefits associated with this esteemed brand, including:

Durable equipment - Epson is renowned for producing label printers that last, so you won't constantly find yourself struggling with mechanical errors or spending hours on the line with a customer service representative. 

High-quality prints - These printers produce the same incomparable quality no mater how high the volume or how intricate the details. For colors that truly pop, you truly can't go wrong with Epson ColorWorks™ Label Printers.

Optimal flexibility - Label guidelines are constantly in flux, sending many organizations scrambling to the printers' to issue corrections or invest in all new orders to suit the latest regulations. Why contend with this degree of stress when you don't have to?

Reduced environmental impact - Epson is committed to eco-friendly practices, and offers an Injket Cartridge Recycling Program. The necessary details and materials will be provided with your Epson ColorWorks™ Label Printer.

Epson Media – All of Epson ColorWorks™ label printers have a large selection of media, from paper based matte and high gloss label material to matte polypropylene (BOPP) synthetic material, which is very popular in the medical industry, to our GHS BS5609 certified Chemical labels stock, ideal for demanding environments.


Print your own durable labels like GHS labels, Chemical drum labels with the Epson ColorWorks label printers. sells the following Epson label printers:

Max. Label Size Epson ColorWorks Printer Model
up to 4" wide labels
  • Epson TM-C3400 (USB version with single ink cartridge)
  • Epson TM-C3400 (Network version with single ink cartridge)
  • Epson TM-C3400LT (KIOS version with single ink cartridge)
  • Epson TM-C3500 (USB & Network wtih 4 Ink cartridge)
  • Epson TM-C7500 (Network - 1200 dpi @ 12 inches per second print speed and ZPL support)
 up to 8.5: wide labels
  •  Epson GP-C831 (USB & network version with 4 ink cartridges)This is the best printer in the market for Chemical Label labels, BS5609 labels
 GHS Labels & BS5609 Labels:  All of the Epson label printers will print GHS labels and BS5609 certified labels. The GP-C831 will print the wider format labels that are needed like 8.5x10, 8.5x12, and 8.5x14