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Use a VIPColor VP485 color label printer to design beautiful and accurate vitamin labels. Having accurate and detailed vitamin labels is a necessity for any company that is involved in the manufacturing or distribution of vitamins and other dietary supplements. Customers will take great care in what they consume, and reading the descriptions on their vitamins is often just as important as reading the nutrition information on the foods they eat.

The the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention determines the standards which all U.S.-based companies must follow, and having current vitamin labels will keep businesses out of any legal troubles. If one ingredient is mislabeled, or a sentence describing recommended dosages is inaccurate, an organization could face fines and customer distrust.

Every pill that is in a bottle must have its description be 100 percent accurate. If a customer ingests an incorrect dose, the results could be extremely harmful.

Investing in a color label printer, your company can print vitamin labels that are timely, truthful and eye-catching.

Why should I print my own vitamin labels?

Should any federal, state or local regulations change, a business does not want to fall behind on orders when vitamin labels need to be adjusted. A VIPColor VP485 color label printer from DuraFast Label Company will provide your organization with the tools it needs to mass produce labels. Beautiful labels can be created at a fraction of the cost.

Why use DuraFast vitamin labels?

When you work with DuraFast for the creation of your vitamin labels, you can be sure to keep on top of orders and any legal requirements. The VIPColor VP485 color label printer can help your business design and print 2400 x 1200 dpi color labels with photo quality images.

Contact one of our label experts today so you can find the right label software and color label printer for all of your vitamin labeling needs.