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Supercharge Your Printing with Primera Inks

Welcome to DuraFast Label Company. As an authorized reseller of Primera Technology's esteemed line of label printers, we offer a comprehensive array of Primera inks perfect for your printing requirements. Whether you're using cartridge-based Primera printers such as the LX500 or LX910, or tank-based ones like Primera LX3000, we have the right Primera inks for you.

Maximize Print Quality with Primera Inks: Dye and Pigment Inks

Primera Technology provides both dye-based and pigment-based inkjet label printers. For specific printer models like Primera LX400 (dye), LX500 (dye), or LX2000 (pigment), a certain type of ink is designated. However, several Primera printers, including the LX600, LX900, LX910, and LX3000, can utilize either dye or pigment inks. Your choice between the two depends on the application - pigment ink is typically used on matte media for durability and superior barcode scanning, whereas dye ink provides vibrant colors for product labels on glossy media.

Customize Your Printing Experience with the Right Primera Ink

  • Primera LX3000 Ink Tanks: Unique in its use of an ink tank system rather than cartridges, the LX3000 offers inks in individual units or multipacks, with both dye or pigment options.
  • Primera LX400 Inks: Especially designed for the LX400 model, these inks ensure optimum performance and print quality.
  • Primera LX500 Inks: Tailored for the LX500 series, these inks deliver consistently high-quality prints.
  • Primera LX600 and LX610 Inks: With flexibility to accommodate both pigment and dye inks, these inks are suited for a wide range of printing needs.
  • Primera LX910 Inks: Ideal for the LX910 series, these inks are designed to deliver superior color accuracy and sharpness.
  • Primera LX900 Inks: Produced for the LX900 model, these inks are built for reliable and high-resolution printing.
  • Primera LX810 Inks: Perfectly matched for the LX810 series, these inks provide excellent print results every time.
  • Primera LX2000 and LX1000 Inks: Designed to optimize the performance of the LX2000 and LX1000 printers, these inks are available in both pigment and dye formulations.
  • Primera CX1200 Toners: Offering high-volume printing capabilities, these toners are best for the CX1200 model.

At DuraFast Label Company, we're committed to helping you find the right Primera inks to bring your printing projects to life. Upgrade your printing experience with us today.