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Color Laser Label Printers

Color laser label printers offer some of the fastest color label printing options available while also lowering consumable costs. End result, a fast, affordable solution for high volume color label printing. DuraFast Label Company carries the leading laser-based color label printers from manufacturers like Primera Technology, Afinia Label, iSys Label, and UniNet.

Before you decide to buy a color laser label printer, it’s important to understand the two main color laser label printing technologies: traditional laser vs LED laser. You should also know the difference between a label printer and a label press. A label printer prints pre-die cut labels on a roll while a label press prints label designs on continuous label rolls, which can then be die cut using a digital label cutter and finishing system.

Color Laser Label Printers

You’re familiar with laser printers in the office. Color laser label printers are similar in that they use a laser to scan and fuse the image onto toner and paper via a rolling drum. Laser printing technology is fast and the consumables are much less expensive than ink.

A prime example of a color laser label printer is the Primera CX1200 label press.

Primera CX1200 Label Press

The Primera CX1200 color laser label printer blends speed, print quality, and a user-friendly design into a digital color label press. Using dry toner color laser technology developed by Lexmark, the Primera CX1200 prints 2400 dpi full color labels at a speed of 16.25 feet per minute. The Primera CX1200 is also able to print GHS BS5609-compliant labels. The Primera CX1200 prints roll-to-roll continuous label rolls. We recommend pairing the Primera CX1200 with a digital label finishing system like the Primera FX1200.

This color laser label press was once considered the best of the best. While it remains a leading contender, especially if you print high volumes of full color labels, the technology powering the Primera CX1200 has been surpassed by a new type of laser printing technology: LED.

LED Laser Label Printers

LED laser label printers are on the cutting-edge of label printing technology. Using 4 color LED lights instead of a laser beam, this technology operates at a much lower temperature than traditional laser printers. Thus, when you use an LED label printer, you have a wider spectrum of label media you can use with it. This same label media would otherwise melt in a laser label printer or have the melted adhesive leak out and damage the fuser, resulting in costly servicing.

Other advantages that LED label printers bring include support for white toner and variable dataprinting. With a white toner option kit, an LED label printer can print white images and text onto black or clear media. With variable data, the LED label printer can print data that varies from one label to the next such as serial numbers.

iSys Label LED Label Printers

Both the iSys Edge 850 and the iSys Apex 1290 are powered by LED laser technology developed by OKI data. These two LED label presses use the same technology, with the main differences being size and capacity. iSys Label LED label printers print full color 1200 dpi labels at a speed of 30 feet per minute (that’s almost twice as fast as the Primera CX1200). iSys Label LED label printers print roll-to-roll, with the rewinder and unwinder units fully contained within the printer. These LED label printers can print pre-die cut and continuous label rolls which can later be finished using a digital label finishing system.

Both the iSys Edge 850 (supports 8.5” media) and the iSys Apex 1290 (supports 12.9” media) can be upgraded to include a white toner kit.

Afinia R635 LED Label Printer

The Afinia R635 LED label printer uses the same technology as the iSys Label LED label printers developed by OKI Data. The Afinia R635 is often used by manufacturers that need a high speed, full color label press. The R635 can be upgraded to print variable data.

Like the iSys Label LED laser label printers, the Afinia R635 prints 1200 dpi labels at an amazing speed of 30 feet per minute. It also prints roll-to-roll and should be paired with a label finishing system.

UniNet LED Laser Label Printers

UniNet LED laser label printers include the iColor 900 (supports 3-inch to 12.9-inch wide media) and the iColor 700 (supports 3-inch to 8.5-inch wide media), both of which share a lot of the same features. As with iSys Label’s LED label printers, the main difference between the iColor 900 and the iColor 700 is media capacity.

UniNet LED laser label printers, like the others mentioned here, print 1200 dpi color labels at 30 feet per minute. Both the iColor 900 and the iColor 700 can be upgraded with a white toner kit.

Both of the UniNet iColor 700 and 900 can be operated as a label printer or as a label press when used with a finishing system.

UniNet’s laser sheet label printers, the UniNet iColor 500 and iColor 600 use the same LED laser technology. These two desktop sheet label printers come with a white toner kit for printing white text and graphics on dark or clear media. Optional fluorescent toners are available for both of these laser sheet label printers as well.

If you’re looking for a high volume, high speed color label printer, LED and laser label printers are well worth your consideration. Contact us today to learn more.