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US made automatic label counters from DuraFast® Label Company

Counting labels can be one of the most tedious jobs in any industry because it requires so much time and attention to detail. You can try counting them by hand, but it is likely that you will lose count or have to start over again. You can buy a label counter made abroad, but chances are it will not be very reliable. On the other hand, you can purchase a reel-to-reel label counter from DuraFast® Label Company manufactured by Labelmate USA. We have partnered with them to provide our customers with job site solutions because they make the most rugged and dependable equipment on the market. With this technology, you will make label counting easier and more accurate.

Why you should buy our label counters

Customers depend on DuraFast® Label Company because they know we can deliver quality equipment that gets the job done. Our label counters are the best on the market because:

  • We have both motorized and non-motorized devices

  • Our counters can be stopped on a pre-set count

  • Locking bars, as well as inner and outer flanges, are on many of our models

  • They come with a variety of different power adapters

  • Many of our machines come with adjustable web-tension tools

Thanks to these features that only Labelmate USA can offer, you will be counting labels like a professional!

Affordable and dependable label counter machines

Not only do we offer our clients versatile technology, but we also give them affordability and dependability. We have a wide range of prices that can meet the needs of any budget, but rest assured that no matter the price of your item, you will be getting a high-quality product. Additionally, each machine can work for a very long time at a high level with little maintenance required. But, if the item you purchase does break, bear in mind that we provide our customers with warranties on many of our models.

Buy US made label counters online

If you need a way to count labels quickly and efficiently, trust DuraFast® company to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Our customer service representatives have the knowledge needed to help you find a device that is suitable for your workload and environment. Feel free to contact us by phone or fill out the form on our website. Once your new label counter is on station at your work site, productivity will shoot up like a rocket. We guarantee it!