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Circuit Board Label  | Thermal Transfer Printable Electronic Circuit Board Labels

Circuit Board Labels For Thermal Transfer Printers

Circuit board board labels must be durable and able to withstand the rigors of an electronics environment where heat is generated. If temperatures get too hot, standard label materials will degrade and adhesives will melt, making it important to use circuit board labels designed for durability and heat resistance. DuraFast Label Company has thermal transfer circuit board labels designed for labeling electronic components.

The circuit board labels listed below are thermal transfer printable labels intended to be used with thermal transfer printers such as the GoDEX RT200i, TSC TTP-225, TSC TTP-323, Zebra TLP 2824 Plus, and many other popular industrial thermal transfer printers on the market.

Circuit Board Label Properties

We carry a large selection of thermal transfer circuit board labels in various sizes and shapes. While the label configuration itself may vary depending on the application, the circuit board labels listed below have the following important properties:

  • Facestock — The circuit labels below feature a white 2 mil polyester face stock featuring outstanding heat resistance, tear strength, opacity, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. This facestock has a glossy clear coat, which works beautifully with most wax-resin and resin thermal transfer ribbons. The opaque material offers excellent hiding power and is ideal for electronics components labeling and other applications.
  • Adhesive — With a clear permanent solvent acrylic adhesive designed for industrial applications and a broad temperature range, the adhesive on these circuit board labels will not melt when exposed to heat. The adhesive also adheres to a wide variety of substrates including silicon circuit boards, engineering grade plastics, low surface energy plastics, and bare, coated and painted metals. The adhesive also has minimal cold flow and ooze characteristics.
  • Durability — This combination of heat-resistant facestock and industrial clear solvent adhesive results in highly durable circuit board labels.

Circuit Board Label Applications

The circuit board labels listed below are suitable for a wide range of electronics components labeling applications including:

  • Circuit board labels
  • Memory card labels
  • PCB circuit board labels
  • Single-sided circuit board labels
  • Double-sided circuit board labels
  • Rigid PCB labels
  • Flex PCB labels
  • Motherboard labels
  • UL labels
  • Chemical labels
  • Heat-resistant labels
  • Medical device labels
  • LED device labels
  • Smartphone labels
  • Radio device labels
  • Automotive component labels
  • Aerospace component labels
  • Laboratory equipment labels
  • Power supply labels
  • Navigation system labels
  • Communications equipment labels
  • Satellite system labels
  • Smoke detector labels
  • And more…

Circuit Board Label Compatibility

The circuit board labels listed here are designed for use with Desktop thermal transfer label printers from manufacturers like Zebra, GoDex, Toshiba, Honeywell, and TSC (and many others). We recommend using our circuit board labels with either wax-resin or resin ribbons for the ultimate durability.

Sample Circuit Board Labels

Not sure if these circuit board labels are the right type of your specific application? We are happy to send sample circuit board labels upon request for testing purposes.