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Inkjet Label Printers: The Perfect Printing Solution for Your Needs

At DuraFast Label Company, we offer a comprehensive range of color inkjet label printers designed to meet a diverse set of requirements. To make an informed decision, it's crucial to understand the types of inks and inkjet technologies used in these printers. Essentially, the ink types fall into two categories - dye-based inks and pigment-based inks. Here, we provide insights into these inkjet printers, shedding light on their business applications and their capabilities in producing professional color labels.

Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printers: Vibrancy Personified

Models such as the Primera LX910, LX3000, LX500, VIPColor VP500, VP550, VP610, CP660, VP700, VP750, and Afinia L701/L801/L901 employ dye-based inks, renowned for their radiant colors. These printers produce stunning full-color labels with professional print quality, exhibiting brighter hues and deeper blacks than their pigment ink counterparts. Moreover, they pair well with most label substrates, including glossy synthetic labels, a feature absent in most pigment-based alternatives except the Epson TM-C7500G.

Embrace the Speed with Memjet Technology

Memjet-powered label printers, like Afinia L701/L901/L801 and VIPColor VP500, CP550, VP610, VP660, employ dye-based inks to deliver vibrant labels. Unlike traditional printers that use mobile print heads, these utilize stationary print heads to print full-color labels in a single pass, achieving remarkable speeds of up to 60 feet per minute and a resolution of 1600 dpi.

However, keep in mind that while dye-based inkjet printers produce beautiful labels, their inks can fade over time, particularly under UV light exposure.

Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printers: Durable Labels Redefined

For applications requiring long-lasting color labels, including GHS BS5609-compliant labels, pigment-based printers are the go-to option. Despite not matching the vibrancy of dye-based inks or compatibility with glossy media, pigment inks produce labels with remarkable durability when used with compatible media. They dry instantly, thereby eliminating concerns of smudging and smearing, and exhibit excellent fade resistance.

Using DuraFast Chemical labels and a compliant GHS pigment inkjet label printer, you can produce GHS BS5609-certified labels that resist chemicals, saltwater immersion, and UV light exposure. For optimum UV protection and longevity, consider using pigment inks with our GHS BS5609 Chemical labels. While some colors may fade over time, the effect is significantly lesser than with dye-based inks.

For applications like medical specimen labels, industrial labels, or cosmetic labels not requiring full GHS BS5609 compliance, pigment inks are often chosen due to their resistance characteristics. Note that when using GHS BS5609 chemical label stock with pigment inkjet printers, the labels only have a matte finish. If glossy GHS BS5609 labels are needed, consider the UniNet iColor 700 toner-based printer.

Finding the Best Inkjet Label Printer for Your Business

For businesses needing to print product labels, a dye-based or Memjet label printer, such as the VIPColor VP500 or the Afinia L801, could be the best fit. If you're on a tight budget with a low label production volume, consider models like the Primera LX500, LX910, or Afinia L502 Dye.

If your requirement includes printing industrial labels, outdoor labels, healthcare labels, laboratory labels, or product labels exposed to water, oils, UV light, or chemicals, consider pigment-based label printers like the Afinia L502 Pigment or NeuraLabel Callisto High Speed Commercial Label Printer.

If GHS BS5609-compliant labels are required, opt for pigment-based, GHS BS5609-certified printers or GHS BS5609-compliant color laser label presses, as dye-based inkjet printers won't suffice.

If you need assistance in selecting the right printer for your needs, DuraFast Label Company is here to help. Don't hesitate to give us a call or request sample labels.