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Inkjet Label Printers

DuraFast Label Company sells a variety of color inkjet label printers. However, choosing one requires an understanding of the inks and inkjet technologies used to ensure that you select the right type of printer for your specific needs. The two types of inks are dye-based inks and pigment-based inks. Here’s what you need to know about these types of inkjet printers and how they are used by businesses to produce professional color labels.

Dye-Based Label Inkjet Printers

Dye-based ink-jet label printers such as the PrimeraLX910, Primera LX3000, Primera LX500, VIPColor VP500, VP550, VP610, CP660, VP700, VP750, or Afinia L701/L801/L901 are known for their vibrant colors. Color label printers using dye-based inks can produce gorgeous full-color labels with professional print quality. The colors are brighter and more vibrant than pigment inks, and the blacks they produce are a deeper black.

Dye-based printers also work nicely with most label substrates including glossy synthetic labels. Most pigment-based options cannot print on glossy media. The one exception is the EpsonTM-C7500G.

Some of the more popular dye-based label printers with inkjet technology are:

  • Primera LX910 / LX3000 (dye)

  • Primera LX500

  • Afinia L801/L901 Memjet, L502 Dye

  • VIPColor VP500 / VP550 / VP610 / VP660

Dye-based inkjet label printers produce stunning full-color labels. However, dye-based inks can fade over time, especially when exposed to UV light.

Traditional dye-based label printers use ink cartridges that are placed in a print head that moves back and forth across the media.

Memjet Technology — The Fastest Dye-Based Inkjet Label Printers

Memjet-powered label printers also use dye-based inks to produce vibrant full-color labels. Memjet inkjet technology draws from large ink tanks and uses a large, fixed print head to print full-color labels in a single pass. This stationary Memjet print head results in significantly faster full-color label printing with a print speed of 60 feet per minute and 1600 dpi print resolution.

Popular Memjet options include:

  • Afinia L701/L901/L801 Memjet label printer – the top-selling Memjet inkjet label printer

  • VIPColor VP500, CP550, VP610, VP660

Pigment-Based Inkjet Label Printers

Pigment-based printers are designed for customers needing to print more durable color labels, including GHS BS5609-compliant labels.

Pigment inks are not as vibrant as dye-based inks and they generally cannot be used with glossy media. However, pigment inks produce labels that are far more durable when used with compatible label media. Pigment-based inks dry instantly, so smudging and smearing are not an issue. Pigment inks resist fading. When using DuraFast Chemical labels and a compliant GHS color ink-jet label printer with pigment inks, you can produce GHS BS5609-certified label media. The resulting labels can withstand chemicals, long-term immersion in saltwater, and exposure to UV light.

Since prolonged exposure to UV light will cause ink colors to fade, consider using pigment inks on our GHS BS5609 Chemical labels, which will result in better UV protection. Therefore, the label will last longer. Note that some colors may still fade, but not as much had you used dye-based inks.

Some labeling applications, such as medical specimen labels, industrial labels, or cosmetic labels may not require full GHS BS5609 compliance. However, pigment inks are often selected due to the pigment ink’s characteristics and resistance to UV light, water, oils, and chemicals. When using GHS BS5609 chemical label stock with pigment inkjet printers, the labels are only available in a matte finish. No shiny or glossy labels. If you need to print glossy or shiny GHS BS5609 labels, then check out the UniNet iColor 700 toner-based printer. Thus, many organizations choose a pigment-based inkjet label printer such as the Epson TM-C3500 to produce more durable color labels and tags.

Popular pigment-based label inkjet printers include:

  • NeuraLabel Callisto High Speed Commercial label printer

  • Primera LX3000 (Pigment), Primera LX910 (Pigment)

  • Afinia L502 Pigment

What’s the Best Inkjet Label Printer for You?

For most businesses needing to print product labels, a dye-based printer or Memjet label printer will be the best choice. The VIPColor VP500 or the Afinia L801 are the most attractive options to consider. If you have a limited budget and a very low label production volume, then you may want to consider the Primera LX500, LX910, or Afinia L502 Dye.

If you need to print industrial labels, outdoor labels, healthcare labels, laboratory labels, or product labels for items that will be exposed to water, oils, UV light, or chemicals, consider one of the pigment-based label printers with inkjet technology like the Afinia L502 Pigment or NeuraLabel Callisto High Speed Commercial Label Printer.

If you need to print GHS BS5609-compliant labels, dye-based inkjet printers are NOT an option. You’ll need to focus on pigment-based, GHS BS5609-certified printers or GHS BS5609-compliant color laser label presses.

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