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Color Label Printers Powered by Memjet Technology Sold By DuraFast

How important is label-making to your business? If you consistently require high-quality, full-color labels, you could be wasting considerable time and money bargaining with third party printers, un​aware that in-house label-printing is even on the table. 

Memjet is a pioneer in inkjet technology, spearheading innovations that have led to the incredible print speeds that have revolutionized in-house label printing to date. Thanks to the creative minds at Memjet, now you can have the world's fastest label printer in your office to print your labels on demand. This technology is designed to print small runs or large runs at the same low cost.

The power behind Memjet technology

One of the greatest innovations behind Memjet label technology is the printhead, which utilizes a patented "waterfall" technique to dispense millions of ink drops from 70,400 jets, covering your labels in one pass. This ground-breaking technology is based on micro-electro mechanical systems, which entail no moving parts and therefore less maintenance. The end result? A label printer that is more energy-efficient, more cost-effective, less wasteful, and as much as 15 times faster than standard color label printers—and even a few black and white models. 

Label printers powered by Memjet

The following label printers are powered by Memjet technology, and can make in-house label printing a reality whatever the scope of your business:

CDT-1600 C

This continuous roll digital label printer is offered by Colordyne Technologies LLC in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and is ideal for large-scale print jobs in corporate or industrial settings. Looking for a label printer to tackle high-volume, full color printing jobs? This hardware is perfect for shipping labels, private branding, barcoding and more. With a print speed of up to 12 inches per second and 1600 x 1600 dpi, this cost-effective printer is a must-have if you need roll to roll, fanfold and continuous labels.

Rapid X1 | Rapid X1 Lite | Rapid X2

This roll-to-roll label printers comes from Rapid Label Systems in Chatswood, Australia. If you routinely need short-run labels with vibrant variable images and data, this tool could be a boon for your business. The power and versatility of this label printers makes it ideal for local food producers, large food producers, freight companies, couriers, ecommerce operations and more. With 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution, an 8.5" wide 5-color printhead, and an optical sensor for pre-cut and stripped labels, the Rapid X1 has been designed to make your in-house label printing easier.

SpeedStar 3000

This digital monochrome and color inkjet industrial label printer comes from OWN-X KFT in Budapest, Hungary, and is ideal for large-scale label printing in a corporate setting. Capable of printing 12 inches per second, the SpeedStar 3000 also features 1600 x 1600 dpi for clear images, barcodes, shipping labels and more.

Trojan One

Trojanlabel in Stenløse, Denmark, has released the Trojan One to help you improve in-house efficiency with crisp, vibrant color labels and improved traceability via every bar code and/or color code available. Cost-efficient Memjet technology means the production cost per label is lower than most label printers on the market, so high- and low-volume jobs can be completed easily and efficiently. 

Afinia L801

The Afinia L801 Color Label Printer is produced by Afinia, based in Chanhassen, Minnesota. This state-of-the-art label printer provides clear, vibrant details and is ideal for consumer-facing labels that need to catch the eye. Powered by Memjet, this label printer offers 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution and a maximum print speed of 60 feet per minute, while producing labels up to up to 8" wide. This model also comes with intuitive label design software to further simplify your in-house label printing procedures.

All of the Memjet label printers for the above companies are selling between $13,000 USD to $18,000 USD. Now with the Afinia, it's possible to purchase the first Memjet-based printer for under $10,000 USD. All of these printers use the same Memjet print engine and the main difference between these different models is only the casing that the Memjet print engine is enclosed in, such as stainless steel, conventional steel, plastic or other material.

Stop hassling with third-party printers and start creating vibrant, full-color labels in house with Memjet label printers from DuraFast Label Company.