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Ready to Make Labeling a Breeze? Check out Primera Label Applicators!

Let's face it - labeling can be a pain. But it doesn't have to be! Our Primera label applicators make it easy to label your products quickly and professionally.

Introducing the Perfect Bottling Buddies: Primera AP360 and AP362

Are you tired of struggling to get labels onto your bottles? We've got your back. Meet the Primera AP360 and AP362 - your new best friends for bottle labeling.

AP360: The Simple Solution

Running a small or medium business and need to label bottles? The AP360 is here to help. It applies one label at a time and makes sure it looks great!

AP362: Twice the Power

Need to put labels on the front and back of your bottles? The AP362 is just what you need. It's great for bottles that need two labels.

Why You'll Love the AP360 and AP362

  • Easy to Use: No fuss, no hassle. Just open the box, set it up, and start labeling.
  • Perfect Every Time: Your labels will look amazing and professional, right where you want them.
  • Fast: Label up to 1200 bottles in an hour! That's lightning speed.
  • Works with Anything: Great for all sorts of round containers, like cans, jars, and tubes.

Meet the Primera AP550: Flat Surface Labeling Made Easy

Fed up with trying to get labels onto flat surfaces? The Primera AP550 is here to save the day.

Why You'll Love the AP550

  • Versatile: Handles all sorts of label shapes and sizes. It's got you covered.
  • User-Friendly: So easy to use, you'll be a pro in no time.
  • Consistent: Every label will look just as good as the last one.
  • Boost Your Business: Get more done in less time, so you can focus on growing your business.

At, we're all about making your life easier. We're here to help you find the perfect labeling solution for your business. We've also got top-quality label printers, label stock, and accessories to complete your labeling setup.

Ready to see how great your products can look? Get in touch with us today and let's make it happen!