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Barcode Tags

Barcode tags offer an easy way to keep track of your inventory, raw materials, and even your employees. Barcode tags can save time and reduce errors compared to manually entering product information into a computer system.

DuraFast Label Company manufactures a variety of barcode tags, including weatherproof tags, that are compatible with popular thermal transfer printers from Zebra, Honeywell, Intermec, Datamax, Printronix, and more.

What is a Barcode Tag?

A barcode tag is similar to a label, except it does not have an adhesive on the back. Barcode tags are intended to contain a printed and unique barcode. Tags can be attached directly to an object for easy scanning and tracking.

How Barcode Tags are Used

Many businesses use barcode tags to ensure that inventory is easily tracked and accounted for. For example, barcode tags are used to track products that move in or out of storage facilities, warehouses, retail stores, etc. Paper barcode tags are often used as packing slips in shipments.

Tags help businesses ensure efficient management of inventory through real-time data tracking. Raw materials are often tagged so that they can be tracked through the production process.

Employee badges are another good use of barcode tags. The badges can be easily scanned for entry into secure areas, and they contain all the information about an employee's security clearance.

Weatherproof barcode tags are often used to track equipment, outdoor items, garden center products like trees and shrubs, and other high-value items.

Printing Your Own Barcode Tags

Our thermal transfer barcode tags require the use of a thermal transfer barcode printer with a thermal transfer ribbon installed. They come in rolls and are compatible with Zebra, GoDex, Toshiba, Printronix, Honeywell, TSC, CAB, SATO, and other thermal transfer printer brands. Most of these printers come with basic label and barcode design software, making it easy to create barcode tags on demand.

Barcode Tag Types

We manufacture various types of barcode tags, including weatherproof barcode tags that can be used for outdoor applications.

Weatherproof barcode tags are usually made of durable synthetic materials like polypropylene. As a result, these tags are ideal for applications in harsh outdoor conditions.

We also manufacture paper barcode tags that can be used for less demanding applications like inventory tags. They can be used on bins, pallets, racks, metal shelves, and more.

Our barcode tags come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to best suit your unique application. We can also make custom barcode tags upon request.

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