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Warehouse Floor Labels

Understanding Warehouse Floor Labels

DuraFast Label Company delivers premium warehouse floor labels, utilizing cutting-edge technology for their production. Our barcode floor labels are crafted to endure the demanding environment of distribution centers, surpassing all other labels in durability. These labels are made to be highly visible, easily scannable, and resistant to wear and tear, including the inevitable damage from forklift traffic. With a focus on clear layouts in both mono and full color, our customized adhesive barcode labels stand out for their durability and ease of use.

The Ultimate in Durability: Warehouse Floor Labels

Our synthetic warehouse floor labels are the pinnacle of durability. Designed to stay intact and scannable under the toughest conditions, they're protected by our "Label Armor" floor label protector, safeguarding against the daily rigors of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This ensures your operations remain efficient, with always-scannable barcodes.

Maintaining Scannability of Warehouse Floor Labels

If warehouse floor labels becoming dirty and unscannable is a concern, Label Armor is the answer. This protector makes cleaning simple, guaranteeing that your barcode labels stay scannable and your warehouse operations efficient, regardless of the dirt and grime they may encounter.

Introducing Label Armor – The Floor Label Protector

Label Armor transforms the resilience of floor labels under heavy traffic. This innovative protector, featuring a clear window and optional colored frames, is specifically designed to shield labels on floors, doors, and walls from wear and tear. Its textured, anti-slip surface also enhances safety, making it a critical solution for protecting your labels.

Label Armor: A Versatile, Multi-Surface Protector

From warehouses to retail spaces, Label Armor can be applied to a variety of surfaces including doors, bulk locations, staging lanes, totes, walls, walkways, stairways, and shipping docks. This multi-surface protector ensures the longevity and visibility of labels across your facility.

Label Armor Sizes & Customization

Label Armor is available in several stock sizes to meet diverse needs:

  • HALF LETTER SIZE: Overall – 8.125" L x 11.625" W | Opening – 6" L x 8.5" W
  • LETTER SIZE: Overall – 12.125" L x 15.625" W | Opening – 8.25" L x 11.75" W

Custom sizes and colors are also available to fit specific requirements. Contact us for more details.

How to Apply Label Armor for Warehouse Floor Labels

Applying Label Armor correctly involves cleaning the surface, ensuring it's above 50˚F, applying the preprinted label, and then securing Label Armor on top. For optimal adhesion, especially on porous surfaces, our Surface Primer is recommended. A 48-hour curing time ensures a durable and secure bond.

Ensuring a Secure Application of Label Armor

For the best results, prepping the surface with Surface Primer and applying Edge Fix around the protector's edges are essential steps. These products are designed to enhance the protector's adhesion and longevity, providing an extra layer of durability against harsh conditions.

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