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Self Lamination Label Printers | Industrial Label Printers

selflam2.jpgSelf lamination labels include an integrated lamination strip that covers the printed portion of the label, providing additional protection from water, oil, or chemicals. Self lamination label printers allow you to print durable patch panel labels, terminal block labels, wire wraps, and equipment labels that have an extra layer of protection. The self lamination label printers listed here are portable label makers that work with self lamination tape cartridges and include features designed for working professionals.

Self lamination label printers are ideal for any number of applications including:

  • •           Heavy equipment labels
  • •           Manufacturing labels
  • •           Brewery equipment labels
  • •           Boiler room labels
  • •           Electrical labels
  • •           Voice and data labels
  • •           Patch panel labels
  • •           Block labels
  • •           Punch block labels
  • •           Barcodes
  • •           Mailbox/slot labels
  • •           Office labels
  • •           Supply room labels
  • •           Industrial kitchen labels

Why Buy a Portable Self Lamination Label Printer to Print Your Own Self Lamination Labels?

selflam3.jpgPortable self-lamination label printers have become a must-have for technicians, installers, and contractors from various industries. With features such as hot keys, battery operation, and built-in carrying handles, printing self-laminating labels when and where you need them is simple and fast. Plus, the finished result is long-lasting and professional looking.

The extra lamination layer protects your printed labels, making self-laminating labels an excellent choice for environments where humidity, grease, or chemicals are present. Best of all, if you don’t need the extra protection that lamination provides for other environments, the portable industrial label printers listed below accept different types of label tapes including reflective tapes, magnetic tapes, fabric iron-on tapes, glow-in-the-dark tapes, and more.

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